You should always consult a doctor or licensed dietician before you embark on any drastic diet plan. Slay Fitness will not be held responsible for any side effects you may experience.

The diet
The diet is a mix of modified keto and intermittent fasting for maximum results.
We highly recommend you check out this link for the exercise regimen we follow along with this diet for great results.

The original slay fitness diet has now been updated to achieve a leaner physique especially in the lower abdomen region.
This plan is not for you if you like variety, it’s perfect for those who are looking for a simple long term plan they can stick to.
On this diet you are allowed no more than two cheat meals a month.

7 days a week
No food till 11 am Daily
11 am: two sky flake crackers
12pm: Cucumber Sticks and half of one avocado with drizzled lemon, pesto and olive oil
Any berries a handful

1:30pm: Lettuce and half of one avocado with drizzled lemon and olive oil, Three olives and half of one tutti frutti chocolate by Gandour or any other dark chocolate brand.
3pm: One smoked salmon steak drizzled with unsalted butter with sauteed spinach in olive oil or sauteed greens and the other half of one tutti frutti chocolate by Gandour or any other dark chocolate brand. Plus Green tea with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of lemon and two teaspoons of coconut oil.
4pm a handful of Any berries
5pm : water
6pm: water

Fridays: same plus honey and butter home made popcorn
Sundays at 3pm you can have an omelette or two olive oil or butter fried eggs with your regular 3pm meal shown above.
Rest of the day keep hydrating with water

Cheat meal Recommendation
Do one meal on this day after 12
You can break fast with plantain chips preferably unsweetened and unsalted but if you can’t find unsweetened or unsalted don’t sweat it its your cheat day.
We recommend up to six turkey wings or two turkey wings plus 4 chicken wings and fries, you may also have one tutti frutti chocolate bar. You should also have two helpings of berries on cheat days. Make sure you drink the tea mix before 5pm.

Recommended Supplements
1000MG VIT C with 2000 MG of MSM
VIT D3 and VIT A by puritan pride supplement (1 a day)
Garcinia Cambogia 2 every morning ( you could also take two 30 mins before each meal)

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Recommended Detox diet
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight despite limiting your calories and exercising or want a more flexible approach we recommend the holistic detox diet here
Recommended Waist Trainer
We recommend up to 6 hrs a day, Click here to get it

Other additional routines
30 mins daily of RTMS combined with PEMF(Click here to purchase if you dont have one)


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