Putting a human in a cubicle should be a crime against humanity!

Your financial liberation begins today.

If yes it’s time you became a slay partner

It’s time to LEAD and LEVERAGE your skills with a business that makes your soul sing and your cash register ring… to the tune of 7 figures and beyond.

Whether you’re in corporate or a solopreneur, chances are you’ve accepted chronic illness, fatigue, and pain as a part of life.

As a slay partner You can snag your slice of the over $250 billion social media industry.

Rather than start a business on your own from scratch the fastest way for you to rack up wealth is to join an already existing business who is crushing it big time.

Today you get a chance to join a business generating $10 million a month in PROFIT!

In this complex world simplicity is the clear winner every single time.

And this business opportunity is exactly that simple to understand and comprehend.

So what will you be doing as a brand partner?

You will be investing in niche profiles on a recognized elite social platform.

What is it?

A genius business model that will turn you into a digital real estate landlord.


​The idea is to build digital assets (niche profile pages) and rent them to business owners.


This model works well for a couple of reasons: It’s scalable, it’s passive, and you own the assets (the profiles).

It goes like this:

Step 1: pick a niche and preferably a city
(hottest niches right now to get clients fast : AI photo apps, dating, spirituality, meditation, masculinity, fitness and health, wealth and finance AKA make money, Self improvement, pool cleaning, tree service, concrete, spray foam installation and artificial grass, )
Step 2: pay for a profile on Slaylebrity VIP, a world class team will be assigned to you to build content on your profile for that niche and city

Step 3: Your dedicated team will promote your content so that your profile becomes valuable

Step 4: Advertisers who want to rent space on your profile contact your slay concierge team, slay concierge team close deals on your behalf for a monthly fee of $10000 per ad of which you receive $5000 with potential to earn up to $7000 per rent.

Step 5: repeat

You can choose any niche and city it really is up to you. We recommend the niches mentioned but at the end of the day Slaylebrity caters to all niches. So do your research and choose wisely.

So what is Slaylebrity?

Slaylebrity is an online luxury social magazine for high networth Individuals.
The luxury lifestyle platform is a world class digital user generated engaging magazine and social platform allowing users the ability to earn income by ranking and renting niche profiles/digital assets.

In short, The platform offers an International barometer of refined taste.

Slaylebrity has accomplished something no other publication or digital platform can claim – an environment dedicated heavily to reaching an affluent audience .

Slaylebrity also plays very deeply into Mans most notable pursuits: clout and status. Everyone wants what everyone else can’t easily afford.

* 530K Youtube subscribers,
* 338M Youtube views,
* 250K Instagram followers
* 4.7K Facebook followers
* 4.7K Tik Tok followers
* 30K -145K+ monthly views on Slaylebrity
* Impressions 2 million +
* 2- 6 % Bounce rate( Lowest bounce rate in the luxury niche)
* 22,000 + user generated content

So How do you Rent and Earn?

To rent and earn you will need to be a VIP slaylebrity social network member . Once you become a member you will have access to create content and you will also be assigned a concierge content and promotions team to assist you to build a formidable digital asset around a niche hand picked by you. Once your asset starts ranking typically within 6 months to 1 year your team will start receiving requests from sponsors and advertisers to rent out space on your profile. you will need a PayPal address, wise account or bitcoin wallet to receive your rental income.

Are there any fees to join?

Yes Only members can join the partner program.

Niche profile Rental Rates

Each VIP membership costs $10,000 per month

You receive $5000- $7000 net per rented space on your digital asset. The amount you receive depends on how many followers your niche profile has. So it’s in your interest to spread the word about your niche profile.

If your profile page is rented just six times a month that’s a $20,000 income right there at the minimum earning rate. As you grow and Buy more profile pages the sky is the limit.

There are no limits to how many businesses you can rent to, you can rent to clients from any country in the World as long as they can pay by paypal, wise or bitcoin.

Accumulated rent is paid on the 01st of every month via PayPal or bitcoin wallet.

There is literally no better money making niche right now than the digital asset niche. It is highly lucrative and by joining slaylebrity vip social network, you will get the opportunity to own your own niche profile on slaylebrity. You will be growing the value of your niche profile and earning from renting it out to businesses trying to advertise their products or brand or even courses, literally any service can be a potential client if it fits your niche profile. It really is a giant once in a lifetime opportunity not offered anywhere else.

Steps to join

Step 1 sign up to Slay club world select the slaylebrity VIP social network service in the form

Step 2

Join the partner group on facebook Here to get updates on the business climate.

Step 3
You will receive an email with your profile details after your payment is received. If you did not receive the email within 48hrs send an email directly to info@slaynetwork.co.uk to request your set up email.

You will also be contacted via telegram so have a telegram account ready to discuss your niche and country or city target.

Need help to generate your rent?

Not to worry. Your membership gives you access to our top writing and promotions services team. They will automatically add up to 10 pieces of content to your profile page to help you attract users and promote the content on other partner platforms.

Want to make even more a month? Potentially millions every single month?

Scale up, buy more niche specific social profiles on Slaylebrity and our team will do the rest.

There is no limit to how many profiles you can own on Slaylebrity

You just need a new email address for each new profile

sign up to Slay club world select the slaylebrity VIP social network service in the form

Putting a human in a cubicle should be a crime against humanity!

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