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About Us

Welcome to Slaylebrity

A social network, where millionaires and billionaires come to shop, socialize and get inspired.  An enigmatic community for luxury enthusiasts.

The internet is seemingly awash with social networking platforms from Facebook, to Instagram, Snapchat and beyond, offering a democratic space for interaction and picture gazing between friends and perfect strangers. Throw in the allure of graded exclusivity and “loyalty rewards” in industry jargon, into the heady mix and the ubiquity of these social networking behemoths becomes self-evident.

So, step right in Slaylebrity hosted by the Slay Network; a member-based social networking platform that prides itself as the most elite social network. And judging from the diverse content, posted at a prolific rate, on the network—from haute couture, to fine dining, fitness, ultra-luxury vehicles, politics, travel and more—the word elite has never felt so understated.

Slaylebrity is a digital exercise in bacchanalian opulence for its own sake.
And it has the decency to offer some lucky few the chance to luxuriate in man’s most noble pursuit: social status!

Slaylebrity is a luxury social network that helps you discover unique and interesting things across the Web.

So what is Slaylebrity exactly?

Slaylebrity is basically a discovery engine of entertainment that recommends high end photography, art, politics, fashion, parenting, kids activities, travel, food, fitness and just about every other topic you can think of.

For those interested in the luxury niche, Navigating Slaylebrity feels like surfing a web where every incoming WIFI wave feels tailor-made just for you. All you have to do is tell Slaylebrity which category you are interested in and it will feed you interesting content in that category.

What makes Slaylebrity so unique is that every time you use it, you end up on an epic journey through luxury content and links you may have never found without the help of the tool.

Besides bringing you awesome luxury  content, Slaylebrity allows its members to like (slay posts)  and follow the slay tribes(slay tribes are pages on slaylebrity) they like.

In particular ultra VIP members get the added benefit of not having to do any promotion of the content they share on slaylebrity as higher graded members receive automatic social signals from every major social network creating incredible growth for their blog or brand website. There simply is no other better way to grow your online presence with minimal hassle and effort.

So how does it all work?

The network has set up a sort of social grading system. Essentially all users can register for free as Slay birds. As a slay bird you can follow, like and comment, but you’ll need to pay the slay tribe membership fee if you’d like to broadcast photos of your enviable lifestyle or share your promotional content with Slaylebrities’ premium traffic/users . The goal of the network is to weed out the fake social status and traffic trend currently on the public social network scene by providing unlimited access to real premium traffic to those who want to promote their personal or company brand at a fixed cost.

The Elite Membership levels are graded into three:  bronze, silver, black  and the ultra elite Gold Star Slaylebrity. Slay club world  members are entitled to the following perks:

  1. Slay rewards and discounts
  2. ONLY slay club world members can share their content on the exclusive platform and refer others to gain cash loyalty rewards
  3.  premium slay club world members will also receive social signals from every major social network to help grow their slay tribe and general online presence.

It gets even more interesting. When a members slay tribe grows to up to 500K followers  they are upgraded to the ultra-elite status of Slaylebrity which entitles the member to the exclusive black membership club meaning free lifetime membership to network (as long as they maintain this level of followers) and more loyalty rewards .
Companies can also benefit from becoming members of this elite network as it effortlessly keeps advertising at a flat rate and provides access to the much sought after ‘high disposable income’ client base. Businesses can purchase either a silver or gold membership to promote their content on slaylebrity.

The ultra Elite Gold Star membership is the world’s most expensive online social club. The criteria to be admitted into this club is extremely stringent with a limited quota of 200 a year. Gold star members are awarded with  a 24K gold Slaylebrity VIP card plus incredible loyalty VIP perks that are not accessible to most. Gold star slaylebrities  also get featured regularly at the exclusive slaylebrity channel “that slaylebrity life” .

This is a new and exciting take on the social network model; this Network is definitely a movement not to be missed!

Here’s a simple way to explain why we do what we do:

If the city represents an industry and homes in that city represent individual businesses -our vision, mission and goal is to build skyscrapers. We ‘re building the most magnificent city skyline the social media industry has ever seen.

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