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Slay Network Trading

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About us

Slay Network trading is a leading international trading conglomerate, specializing in the import and export of diverse commodities such as Soybean, Maize, Iron Ore, Coal, Steel, Soft commodities etc. We deal with these commodities globally as well as with UAE. We are poised for extending our business operations across South East Asia, Europe and America.
Incorporated in 2016 in the UK and Africa the company offers Merchant Trading activities along with consulting in trade structure. Our scope of operations includes procurement and contracting with suppliers and buyers in the global market. We export and import commodities across all major countries worldwide, with a special focus on Middle East, Africa, Europe, South East Asia, North East Asia and South America.
In addition to our core business of commodities trading, we also provide customized trade financing solutions by optimizing our trade flow for generating trade finance derived liquidity in emerging markets for our customers, across products such as Spices and Grains, Coal, Chemicals and Minerals, Building Material, Agricultural Goods and Metals, among others.
Our passionate team of qualified professionals possesses deep experience in delivering competitive commercials and cutting edge solutions to demanding clients. We invest extensively in acquiring and developing technology for staying ahead of the competitive curve. Our management team possesses over two decades of rich experience in Banking, Commodity Trading and Operations.
Our roots are firmly embedded in the Arabian Peninsula, and our global presence testifies to our commitment of servicing clients across geographies with ease.
Slay Network Trading is a leading international commodities trading conglomerate, and an emerging leader in conceptualizing and delivering bespoke trade financing solutions for medium and large companies across diverse business spectrums, thus helping them achieve their corporate goals. We work in the spirit of a proper partnership approach which yields significant benefit to all stakeholders in the business association. We combine our deep understanding of the international commodities trade business with inherent expertise in developing unique trade financing options. Our clients prefer us over traditional finance companies for achieving their corporate milestones.


Slay Network Trading is built on the strong foundation of ethics, commitment, respect, trust and team spirit. These core values are ingrained in every team member and every client relationship. We incorporate the highest level of integrity in all our interactions, both within and outside the organization. We go beyond delivering client satisfaction – we deliver customer delight.


During the Civil War, soybeans were used instead of coffee because real coffee was scarce

Steel products can be recycled repeatedly without the loss of strength.

Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob.

About 37% of the electricity generated worldwide is produced from coal.


To be the trade partner of choice for organizations desirous of optimizing their commodity trading endeavour, and availing customized trade finance for achieving their corporate goals.