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Black Membership

Slay Black Membership Club.

Only Slaylebrities. (True influencers and public figures )
can appear on that slaylebrity life.

Do I Qualify as a Slaylebrity?

If you have achieved 500K followers on slaylebrity you qualify to upgrade your account to black membership and receive the ultra elite status of a bonafide Slaylebrity.

Why Should i Become a Slaylebrity?

Bespoke Exclusivity

As a Slaylebrity you can use Slaylebrity without paying the membership fees, you also get to appear on that slaylebrity life.

This immediately increases your exposure and accessibility to luxury brands worldwide who may not know about you.

You will also receive the ultra elite status symbol slaylebrity black metal card. Once you whip out this card everyone will know you are a slaylebrity and all doors will be open to you.


You will also gain new followers and increase your influencer profile. In addition Slaylebrity will grant you with 15% discount at the slay network. fitness or lifestyle store. Slaylebrities also receive premium seating at all slay network VIP events.

To apply to upgrade email or complete the form below