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Black Membership

Slay Black Membership Club.

Become a member of the world’s, most prestigious luxury social network.
Only Slaylebrities. (True influencers and public figures )
can appear on that slaylebrity life.

Do I Qualify as a Slaylebrity

You do if you have over 500,000 followers on slaylebrity.

Why Should i Become a Slaylebrity.
Bespoke Exclusitivity

As a Slaylebrity you can promote Slaylebrity without paying the membership fees, you also get to appear on that slaylebrity life.

This immediately increases your exposure and accessibility to luxury brands worldwide
who may not know about you.


You will also gain new followers and increase your influencer profile. In addition Slaylebrity allows you to monetize your slaylebrity channel by paying you 50% commissions for any slay club world member you introduce. Plus you will receive 20% discount at the slay network store and  priority access to slaylebrity premium giveaways.


Consider this, if you introduce just 100 people a month you will earn $50,000 or $600,000 a year.

You can apply to upgrade even if you were a slay bird as long as you have attained 500,000 followers on slaylebrity.

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To apply to upgrade email

Upgrade to Black Membership
and start sharing your slay lifestyle.

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International affiliates (those with addresses outside of the paypal accepted regions) are paid via Payoneer where possible. Email to confirm if this option is available in your country.




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Frequently Asked Questions


When do we get paid

You’ll be paid on the second day of every month after
your commission is earned.

Where do i send my leads to...
Send them to your affiliate link which will be provided in an email sent to you.

Do you have marketing materials
Download from Dropbox

Do Slaylebrities have a private forum
Yes as a Slaylebrity you are VIP, and VIPs get to have their own special black membership forum.