Everyone wants to know how to get rid of belly fat, here’s one of the best tips you’ll ever have of the best way to effectively eliminate your belly fat.

We highly recommend the 15 minute total body boot camp.

This 15 minute home workout video uses a tabata structure to make a seemingly easy task (just 20 seconds of each move) extremely challenging. The result is that by the end of all three rounds of any of the exercises, both your lungs and your muscles are screaming and begging for a rest.

This Total Body Boot Camp require only your bodyweight; you won’t need any equipment. Each exercise burns a high number of calories due to the large muscle groups used. Because of the intense, full-on exertion that come with each 20 second burst of the Tabata rounds, you’ll get a serious metabolic bump from this workout; you will likely have an hour or two of elevated calorie burn, long after you’ve finished up with this short routine.

This routine specifically tones and targets your upper and lower abdominals, glutes, hamstrings & quadriceps, pectorals, triceps, obliques, rhomboids, lower back, shoulders, and inner and outer thigh. As you can see by this lengthy and nearly inclusive list of muscles used, this truly is a total body workout.

Make sure that you have really done a thorough job of warming up your muscles before you jump into strenuous activity.

When you are at rest, your blood vessels are constricted and not giving your body a proper opportunity to warm up before working out intensely can cause a short jump up in your blood pressure. It also increases the chances of pulling muscles, which can sideline you and thwart your fitness progess.

Every individual will vary widely in how many calories this workout burns, but for estimation purposes, we approximate that a 130 pound woman might burn 140 calories doing this routine, and a 180 pound man might burn around 180.

The benefit about workouts with this kind of structure (where you do a high intensity exercise for a short period of time followed by a brief rest) is that the elevated caloric burn lasts longer than your workout does; even once you are finished exercising, it will take a while for your metabolism to slow down to its resting rate, meaning that you are burning energy at a higher rate for longer than just the 15 minutes that it takes to do this routine.

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