Christmas is upon us and a beach body is better than a flabby body before you stuff yourself!

The plan


You should always consult with a doctor or licensed dietician before you embark on any drastic diet plan. Slay Fitness will not be held responsible for any side effects you may experience.

The diet

The diet is a mix of keto and intermittent fasting for maximum results.

We highly recommend you check out this link for the exercise regimen to follow along with this diet.

The original slay fitness diet targets the lower abdomen region.

This plan is not for you if you like variety, it’s perfect for those who are looking for a simple long term plan they can stick to.

On this diet you are allowed no more than two cheat meals a month.

7 days a week

No food till 12 pm Daily (intermittent fasting)
12pm: cucumber 10 round pieces
Any berries a handful
Half of one avocado with a drizzle of olive oil

1:30pm. One large plate of lettuce salad including tomatoes, carrots, green olives, sesame oil, olive oil, half of an avocado, garlic

3pm: One serving of spinach fried in olive oil and sesame oil, one serving of cabbage also fried in sesame and oilve oil and one baked or smoked salmon steak

4pm A handful of Any berries

6pm: Water
7pm: Green tea with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of lemon and two teaspoons of coconut oil.

Sunday at 6pm you can have an omelette or two olive oil or butter fried eggs

Rest of the day keep hydrating with water

Cheat meal Recommendation
Do one meal on this day after 12pm (cheat day for this challenge has been set for every other week (example if you pick thursday as the cheat day and today is thursday you cheat this thursday but not next thursday)
We recommend up to six turkey wings and six hot chicken wings
You should also have two handful of berries on this cheat day plus the Green tea mix detailed above in the evening.

Recommended DAILY Supplements
MSM Capsules (2000 MG) we use MRM
VIT C 1000 MG
Garcinia Cambogia 30 mins before meals 2000MG

What you will Win if you win this challenge

  • 30% off all items on Slay Network plus $100 credited to your Slay Shopping cart
  • A One year free VIP account on Slaylebrity (Which means you can share posts on slaylebrity)
  • 1 Free feature written by you about your journey on Slay Fitness
  • 1 Min video by you which will be shared/featured on all Slay Network Social Media

    Challenge ends November 30th
    Winner will be announced December 03rd and notified via email
    All participants will enter by
    1. Registering on Slaylebrity
    2.Sending a brief email about yourself with your start
    3. Sending again step 2 on November 30th via email

    How to maintain weightloss after the challenge

    We recommend following the plan five days a week
    then saturdays you can have in addition popcorn sweetened with honey
    replace 3pm cabbage with sweet potato baked or fried in olive oil

    Sunday have eggs for breakfast, and one cheat meal.
    follow the additional cheat meal as described in diet challenge.

    Your email must include a photo of you in swim shorts (Male)or a bikini (female)

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  • Christmas is upon us and a beach body is better than a flabby body before you stuff yourself!

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