Relishing lip-smacking dishes and cruising over the wide spreads of water are two activities which are enjoyed by almost every traveler. What if you can enjoy both these activities together? Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? The visceral experience of dining while cruising is something that must be on every traveler’s bucket list. If you want to try this, here are the top 7 floating restaurants in the world which offer the most unique experience of dining amidst nature-driven landscapes.

The next time you visit any of these cities, make sure that you try out the truly intriguing experience of dining at any of these incredible floating restaurants. The delicious dishes from different cuisines and the surrounding panoramic view which these restaurants feature will surely please your eyes.

Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant in Hong Kong

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By Edgewings

1. Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam

The popularity of the Sea Palace restaurant comes from the fact that it was the first-ever floating restaurant introduced in Europe. The entire ambiance of this place is suitable for a romantic dinner as well as for a get together with family and friends. The Chinese cuisine dishes featured at this restaurant are highly favored by every visitor who dines here regularly. The splendid interiors, world-class amenities, and the friendly staff enhance the experience of dining here. 

Source: @seapalace

2. Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant in Hong Kong

Jumbo Kingdom restaurant is one of the well-known floating restaurants in Hong Kong. One of the most striking features of this restaurant is its architecture. There are multiple stories accommodated in this restaurant, which are each ornately decorated in the traditional Chinese style. It is known for being the largest floating restaurant in the world with a seating arrangement for accommodating more than 2000 diners at a time. When here, do try out the Cantonese cuisine dishes, seafood, and the barbeque specialties.

Source: @tri_zuluaga

3. Rustar Dhow Restaurant in Dubai

Rustar Dhow cruise in Dubai is a traditional dhow made of wood which features an incredible view of the Dubai city while cruising over the waterways. This floating restaurant is well-equipped with all the luxurious amenities which you can ever think of. The interiors of this restaurant are decorated with teak wood artwork, which will surely leave you awestruck. While dining, you can also enjoy the performances like Yowla Dance and Tanoura Dance by a group of highly skilled artists

Source: @mzvoke

4. Petit Verdot Restaurant in South Africa

Slowly cruising through the Vaal River, dining in Petit Verdot restaurant is an experience that must not be missed when in South Africa. The three-hour-long moonlight cruise is a must-try activity that would surely bring a smile to your face. Gazing at the starlit sky while enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner at this restaurant is something that would be appreciated by every couple. Up to 60-70 guests can be accommodated easily in this spectacular floating restaurant.

Source: Photo by BON Hotel Riviera On Vaal

5. Nusa Penida Island Restaurant in Indonesia

Nusa Penida is a quaint island which is located near Bali in Indonesia. Tourists flock here from every part of the world to enjoy the serene surrounding views. This place also features a magnificent floating restaurant that offers an array of highly palatable dishes from Indonesian cuisine. This enormous pontoon restaurant can be easily located near ToyaPakeh Beach. Do not miss out on trying the amazing range of truly refreshing cocktails and mocktails served here.

Source: @winniemollz

6. BBQ Donut in Germany

BBQ Donut offers the unique experience of having private floating seating arrangements. It is not like any other floating restaurants as such since each group of diners would be assigned a separate floating table. This floating boat or a “BBQ Donut” can accommodate up to 10 diners and has an in-built stereo system, cooler and a sunshade, which further enhances the dining experience. 

Source: @bbqdonutsboat

7. Tattershall Castle Restaurant in London

True to its name, this floating restaurant is nothing less than a magnetizing castle. This restaurant features splendid views of the London eye while floating over the famous Thames River in London. This cruiser’s exterior and interior spaces are highly sophisticated and adds to the beauty and charm of the dining experience. The must-try delicacies at this restaurant include the Classic Club Sandwich and the English Fish & Chips.

Source: @bibliocook

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