Huge and presidented levels of debt. This will be extremely difficult to pay back in the environment that we are entering into.

This currency or debt will need to be paid back by current and future generations at a time when when we are entering a parabolic phase of currency creation

More Lockdowns
Advisors are saying that the US should have another lockdown! NO!
These lockdowns are killing businesses, and they’re destroying jobs.

They are going bankrupt at an unprecedented rate. Just watch the video above if you haven’t already and you’ll see the proof of this with your own eyes.

When a lot of these jobs go they will not be coming back because we’re going into a recessionary or even depressionary period now.

Let’s talk about Sports for a second to explain how important sports are for a society…

Wealth disparity
Rich people spending more on their children’s education than poor people leading to the Kay shape that we are seeing
AI and robotics taking jobs

The IMF calls for a new Bretton Woods
I was very surprised to hear this announcement from the IMF recently, because just remember the IMF is a private institution with no elected officials. This is a private for-profit institution who makes loans, contrary to what what the public perception is of them being a charity. They are definitely not a charity and if you just look at the countries who have received IMF loans, you will see a lot of controversy

Inflation in money…
But right now we’re not having high inflation in money as a result of all this new currency printing from the Central Bank which is them being given to the government and then the government gives it out.

The reason we’re not having inflation right now like almost every expert is saying we are, is because Inflation is caused by the velocity of money, not the printing of money

And the velocity of money can only increase when people actually spend their money. but right now people are saving their money and that’s the people who still have jobs.

So I would argue that we are in a deflationary period right now and I think that things are only going to get worse because we’re having massive deflation at the same time as massive currency creation at the same time
At the same time we have all of this going on, we also have record low interest rates where the banks are hesitant to lend money because they get such a bad return on that investment and it’s high risk at the moment.

So the velocity of money is decreasing and has been for a long time now

Job Losses
To all the people who keep saying that the jobs are going to come back in 2021, my message to you today is stop watching the mainstream news because they are lying to you.

There is no way that the jobs are coming back next year, absolutely no possibility. Yes we will have some jobs coming back of course but we’re not going to have all of the jobs coming back plus more as these politicians are promising us by investing into new jobs it doesn’t work that way. Look up employment scarring

Jobs are created by entrepreneurs not politicians, unless you include them bringing their wife or husband or son into the office to get them on the payroll

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December Warning....things are about to get really grim... the velocity of money can only increase when people actually spend their money; but right now people are saving their money and that's the people who still have jobs. There is no way that the jobs are coming back next year, absolutely no possibility. So what should you be doing right about now as a matter of urgency?

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