Are you still using old school methods to build your business?

Have you evaluated this part of your business so you can make an adjustment and pivot?

Or are you still on that hamster wheel doing the same old school strategies yet your business still isn’t moving?

Well…the good news is that you can start NOW applying new school 21st century strategies to actually ATTRACT people to YOU.

Wait what?

You mean you can enroll new customers and team members without having to chase strangers or bug friends and family?


And here’s how you do this.

We encourage you to ask yourself these specific questions…

Who are you attracting?

What impression are you giving off on Social Media?

Who do you want to attract?

Would you follow you?

Because here’s the thing…

Leveraging your PROFILE so it competes in TODAY’S stay home business environment is essential to the success of your business.

So…What value are you providing on your profile that draws people in to hang on to every word.

This is how you build influence over your audience and following.

And when you’re offering value to our audience…

People are attracted to YOU (not your products or company) and look forward to your posts and Facebook Lives because you are providing value and solving their problems.

And when you do this daily overtime, your network grows, you build a like, know and trust with this audience and this influence you are building creates this endless flow of prospects who come to you and enroll as a customer and team member.

Sounds easy right?

But if you have nothing but crickets on your business posts then you are actually repelling people…

You may be asking yourself…

What do I change about my profile?

Where do I even start?

Well…you can read on to find out more

You know how we always tell you to create curiosity with the product, educate about the product, but never show the name or brand of the product?
Well, this is what you need to be doing ASAP in November & December to get more sales and recruits.

And if you’re asking How? You’re not alone.
It’s where most people get stuck and today I plan to give you one strategy that always works!

Drum roll please

Introducing >>> the curiosity post <<<
Here’s the gist of it and a bonus tip that will help you take action fast.

➡️ Step 1.
Think about your avatar and the struggles they're going through and how you can help them. What’s the biggest issue they have right now? It could be budgeting for Christmas gifts, finding a bit of extra money to invest in more or better gifts, or even how to make sure they’re not spending more money than they actually have.

➡️ Step 2.
Now, think about your product: how will it make your prospects’ life better? What will they get out of it? It’s about painting a picture of what their life could look like.

➡️ Step 3.
Go live, write a post or record a video to combine all of this into a story that draws your prospects’ in.

➡️ And here’s your bonus tip:
The quickest way to start using curiosity posts that also create conversations is by doing it in a story. Put a question on an image or a video, then a poll with two options:
Option 1: no please help
Option 2: what the heck?

Then look at who answered your poll and get into conversations with those people. Ask more about their problem, find out how you can help. 🤳🏾

Ok, but what if you want to achieve massive growth in a short period of time? Can you do it?
Yes, you can. There’s a strategy for that as well and the good news is that you can get it too. 🎉

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If you have nothing but crickets on your business posts then you are actually repelling people...

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