The marriage that we now see today is very different from the marriage that we have seen when we were children. When you hear the word “marriage”, most of the time, the first word you can incorporate with it is the word “divorce”.

This is sad but it’s a fact that most marriages of today often lead to divorce. This has caused more and more people to think that marriage is overrated today.
Imagine that you are now as one and married, legal and have promised to love one another through death do you part but what happens when you’re faced with temptations and trials? What if you struggle financially and most of all, what if there’s no respect and the willingness to compromise?

As messy and stressful as it may seem, divorce is a way for a couple to end a failed marriage. People nowadays decide to get married and then choose divorce so quickly that the value and essence of marriage has depreciated over time.

Why marriage is now overrated?
Marriage is overrated today and that’s what most people think. There are still couples who would still plan to get married but the number of people who think otherwise is now a greater percentage of the population.
Let’s dig in to the 11 truths why marriage is now overrated – 

1. Marriage nowadays is becoming outdated
Reality is; marriage is way different from the marriage that we know before. Today, we don’t need someone to feed us or to take care of us, we can do that on our own.

But, sometimes, marriage makes us feel trapped. 

2. Marriage is equal to sacrifice
If you are someone who doesn’t see yourself being tied down to a mutual decision or someone who can’t sacrifice your career to be a full time wife or husband, then marriage is definitely not for you.
Gone are the days where you need to sacrifice something just to have a happy marriage. If you sacrifice your career, would you truly be happy? 

3. Marriage demands fidelity for life

Let’s be true to ourselves here shall we? Marriage is, for some — like a chain where you’ll have to have fidelity for life. Today, temptation is everywhere and we know ourselves, so if getting married isn’t for you, don’t do it just because other people tell you to do it.

4. Extra effort to prove you are worthy enough
When you get married, everything suddenly becomes so serious. You need to give extra effort so that you’ll prove yourself to be worthy of someone’s criteria.
It’s definitely a lot of work. 

5. Marriage is a trap of sorts
Marriage is overrated since the list of rules of a married man or woman is so long that you’d feel trapped eventually.
Marriage should make you happy right? However, when you’re married, you’re no longer allowed to see most of your friends because your spouse doesn’t approve them or you can no longer decide on your own since marriage should focus on mutual decisions.
If this makes you feel trapped then you’re not the marrying type. 

6. Marriage is a costly affair
One of the truths why people don’t like to marry is that it’s simply expensive. Marrying your partner is indeed expensive and what more, if both of you go on to sign the divorce papers?

That’s as twice as expensive! 

7. You don’t need marriage to become a parent
You want to have kids – sure!
Most couples today have kids and they don’t get married because for them. The reality is, how you are as a responsible parent is not based on a paper, it’s from your actions and love.
There can be so many married couples who don’t know the real meaning of being a parent. 

8. You don’t need marriage to get accomplishments
You can get accomplishments and fulfill your dreams even if you aren’t married. For some, marriage is the start of fulfilling your dreams but it’s not. It is how you work hard and how you compromise that will make sure that you succeed in life.
It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. 

Marriage is unpredictable
One of the hardest realities of marriage is that it doesn’t guarantee that you will be together forever. Everything changes and so is the person that you will marry.
Remember that married or not, no one can really predict your future! You can, at best, try. 

Still want to get married? Remember this!
Marriage is overrated today and the truths behind it aren’t just speculations but rather the real opinions of people. We may all agree with all the benefits of marriage and even the sanctity of it but there are also reasons why some people would rather live together than to marry.







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