The realisation of self worth is the beginning of progress.
Many Artists are plagued with self doubt, which causes indecision and procrastination often the reason for lack of progress in their career.
Ours is a discipline the demands that we produce a high standard of work that will be accepted by a discerning market place.
If we have self doubt that will undermine our ability to constantly produce that high standard of work.
Work on your self worth, use affirmations that are positive and inspiring.
Have your goals written out.
I know one very successful Artist every time he is faced with a disappointment or crisis he goes and reads his goals out loud to himself, five times and repeats his affirmations.
You are the most important asset that you have, work on you to make you better.
Listen to positive affirming talks.
Stay around positive successful people.
Know your goals and have them written out.
Read your affirmations out loud to yourself.
Don’t leave it to chance, you are worth more than that, determine to build your self worth.

Being self-enterprising means feeling good enough about yourself, having a great enough self-worth, to want to seek opportunities that will make a difference in the future.

Enterprising people will always find a way to take advantage of a situation, not be burdened by it. And enterprising people aren’t lazy. They don’t wait for opportunities to come to them, they go after the opportunities. Enterprise means always finding a way to keep yourself actively working toward your ambition.

Once you start understanding how valuable you are, you will have many new experiences. That’s why the understanding of self-worth plays a major role in our ability to be enterprising. Our self-worth makes the difference between being lazy and being active. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, we won’t feel good about our lives. And if we don’t feel good about our lives, we won’t be very interested in looking for opportunities.

By Mark E Shellshear, Quoteswise

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Be a warrior not a worrier

We will tell you how risky life is, you are not going to get out alive! So why worry. If that's the way it's definitely going to go why not give it a go! It's not important how long you live, what's important is how you live.

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