What you think and what you do are both important, and even more important is how you feel about the things you think and do.

When something happens to us that we don’t like, it typically creates a negative feeling or negative emotion (e-motion :energy in motion). Unfortunately we can hold onto this feeling for some time

For example – you park your car for 1 hour and put enough money in the meter to last for that hour.  However, you get caught up and your running 10 minutes late.  You come back to your car to find a parking ticket on your windscreen.

Now for some people, this wouldn’t phase them.  For many others – this would infuriate them.  The feeling of stress and anger can build up and the negativity sweeps through the body in a matter of minutes.  lets look at the effects of this:-

This diagram below illustrates that what we focus on gets bigger.  If you have a headache and you keep complaining about it – its obvious that its going to get worse.

I am fascinated with Quantum Physics.  I didn’t even know what it meant back at school or university, but I am fascinated with it today.  Quantum physics proves that we can only feel positive or negative.  The positive or negative feeling will give off an energy (called a vibration).  This vibration will attract other circumstances matching the vibration we are giving off.

It all starts with thinking, but it has a lot more to do with how you are feeling.  This is why I believe it is SO important to start the day with a morning ritual to creating a feeling for what you want to happen in your day.  For example, if you don’t have any money  – you feel lack – and guess what  – you will receive more of this.  You need to create the feeling that you have $50k in your bank account.  You need to hold yourself as though you already have this money.  See yourself with it.  Feel it in your hands.  This positive feeling will send out a new vibration.  Just watch what starts happening to you. Amazing things will start to show up for you.  Please try this.   Use what you need to in order to shift your feelings.  Here are some ideas:-

* Meditation
* Music
* Walking
* Massage
* Positive affirmation
* Listen to a great audio that will motivate you
* Laugh
* Play with children or an animal
* Breath
* Stretch
* Write out 50 things to be grateful for
* Help someone in more need than you
* Ask yourself ‘is it really worth worrying about’?

So what are you feeling right now?  Are you operating from a place of fear or faith – because wherever you are coming from is what you will receive.  I guarantee it.
Here is to feeling great

By Andrew Roberts

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Your positive or negative feeling will give off an energy that will attract other circumstances matching the vibration you are giving off.

What you focus on gets bigger

Source: By Andrew Roberts

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