Some of you might have come across her pictures on social media, as she is growing more and more popular on the social media platform Instagram. Whoever sees her pictures immediately is touched by her grandiose smile and beauty. Even more impressive is the sight of her prosthetic leg and the way she embraces it. Paola Antonini França Costa was born on May 19, 1994 in Brazil and is a model and social media celebrity and influencer. Paola’s story is very inspiring and her courage puts up an example for the rest of us.

Just after Christmas in 2014, Paola Antonini was hit by a car in a tragic drunk driving accident. While preparing to leave for New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend, a drunk driver crashed into Paola as she was loading luggage into her car. Despite several attempts to save her leg, she was forced to amputate it. Despite the horror and trauma of the accident, Paola decided to make the most out of her situation and to not let her different ability set her back. Today, she continues to occupy herself with modeling jobs, she does motivational work, she is completing her Journalism Degree, and she is also an ambassador of Neutrogena Brazil.

Paola is an inspiration to us all since she shows us through her journey that we should never give up, that we should keep reaching for our dreams and that we must take joy out of the smaller things in life. We often forget how blessed and lucky we are to have what we have and to be who we are. Thank you, Paola, for being an inspiration to so many of us and especially those with different abilities. We adore you!

Source: Femme Friendly

Never let your circumstance dull your slay vibe.

We love this Brazilian coloured leg

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