Just in case there were any doubts about who she is dating, Meghan Markle has been pictured in public wearing a ring with Prince Harry’s first initial on it.
Following her dinner date with the prince at Soho House in London last Friday, the Suitsactress has been photographed near Harry’s cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace.
As she shopped for flowers in jeans, Hunter boots and a Barbour, the ‘H’ ring could just be seen amongst a stack of similar gold rings worn on Meghan’s right hand.

Meghan’s is a capital ‘H’ ring.a little like the central one in the image below.

It was a subtle statement, but it’s not the first time the star has acknowledged her boyfriend through her jewellery.
While Harry was away on a 15-day tour of the Caribbean in December, Meghan stepped out in a Maya Brenner necklace strung with an “M” and an “H”. The couple were also spotted wearing matching beaded bracelets when reports of the relationship first emerged last year.

It's a subtle statement.

She's wearing the middle ring

She's preparing to move to London soon

They both have been seen wearing matching love bracelets

Her dogs are ready to move as well

Who wouldn't when a prince charming is involved

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