Have you ever seen the insane dedication and routine athletes like Tom Brady and Kobe follow? Every aspect of their life is optimized to the .05% because they know when they get on the field/court they are playing against the best of the best of the best. An arena where EVERYONE is talented and a peak performer. The only way to win at this point is winning by the 1%s…aka who ever wants it more.

If Tom Brady steps on the field in default mode against a cornerback with the same talent but who has taken 50 1% increases to optimize his focus/energy/mood/smarts…. Tom will get WHOOPED…. Which is why it blows my mind in business. Every day when we wake up we are competing against Jeff Bezos, Jack Butterfield, Russel Brunson, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Zuckerberg, Buffet ETC.

There is literally NO barrier of separation. Just because their net worths are in the billions/hundreds of millions does not mean they are not getting your customers money. They are in the same ring as you like it or not.

And the scary part is just like in sports, the spoils go too the hyper .1%. Look at the curve that athletes are paid in. A lower level NFL player makes 400k a year and usually only last 2 years in the league. Kobe pulled 25 million a year on his salary.

Jordan is a billionaire while most NBA players are out of the league in a year or two working at car dealerships. Fortune does not have a 4th-5th-95th place. It mostly goes to #1.

So knowing that we are waking up to compete against people that are smarter or at least as smart as we are…and then knowing that the majority of the spoils will go to the tippy top winners….We then….train like fucking slobs.

LITERALLY all business is is creativity+energy+smarts+decisions.

When your body is not honed in like Tom Brady, a Tom Brady entrepreneur who is completely optimized is just going to see 20% more than you, think 20% faster, have 20% more energy, and make the critical decisions at crunch time.

20% might now seem like a lot, but the difference between a losing team in the NFL and a winning team is often just 3 points.

You may not be as smart as someone or naturally talented. But talent means nothing.

While attempting to heal and detox my stomach I picked up a powder only diet. It made me feel so good that I have stuck to it during work days. My results have been great and here’s exactly why it works and how the diet works.


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By Alex Becker

When your body is not honed in like Tom Brady, a Tom Brady entrepreneur who is completely optimized is just going to see 20% more than you, think 20% faster, have 20% more energy, and make the critical decisions at crunch time.

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Sharing this more for public accountability. Left picture : Clean on 90 days no drinking. Right picture drunk, inflamed. Besides being comically fat and weak minded, for a decade alcohol has robbed me of clarity, focus, money, my true intelligence and hangovers have locked me in the a state of plateau/average. One of my favorite things is boozy dinners/nights out with friends and family. Because of this I've tried every solution to balance this with success. 30 days no drinking, only drinking twice a month, 2 drink rule, only drinking high high high end alcohol to prevent a hangover. HELL I've even experimented by getting a hyperbaric chamber, IVs, pounding bags of vitamins when I am out. The result is ALWAYS the same. Separation from my purpose and reason for being/the things that truly make me full-filled. There is no "balance" with this shit. It is the devil/negative energy luring you in with instant gratification to then force you into "coasting" and weak mindedness to separate you from your purpose. Thats the whole point of sin/devil/negative energy (I'm not referring to religious shit) to stop you from being full-filled/achieving your purpose. The best way to do that is to tempt you with instant gratification. Even after 90 days no drinking I felt I could responsibly incorporate this "sin" in my life (my definition of sin choosing the weak choice that takes you from your purpose...not religious stuff). Nope. During the 90 days my income tripled, my marketing was 10 years ahead of my competitors, I was moving at light speed. This last month I tried to be responsible with this : the result is "average" creeping back into my life. Just public-ally announcing to hold myself accountable : I'm fucking done for at least 1 calendar year. Maybe longer, but this habit is out for a long time. Also maybe the few people that suffer from this and think there is some form of balance that can be achieved. If you want to be "good enough" maybe. If you want to be great, the best...No. Just stop. It's not going to happen.

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