Athleticism is a combination of speed, endurance, and agility. All of the exercises in this Sports Endurance & Agility Workout support the ability to move quickly, move with precision, and outlast an opponent.

Nearly all of the moves that make up this routine employ the principles of plyometric training, which can help speed/shorten the reaction time of the muscles in the body. Plyometrics can also be great for challenging cardiovascular endurance, especially ones like Burpees, Mountain Climbers and Jumping Lunges – incredibly effective exercises that everyone loves to hate.

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, trail running and rugby are just a few of the kinds of sports that have players that would benefit immensely from Fitness Blender’s Endurance & Agility Workout. With that said, even if you are not into sports this workout should be of interest to you. Improved balance, cardiovascular threshold, and agility are qualities that should be of interest to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and mobility. As an added bonus, the agility exercises in this routine are also cardio exercises that burn a good deal of calories.

Routine Structure:
8 Exercises
16 Repetitions Each
2 Rounds

This workout does not include a warm up or cool down, but both are recommended. You can find many options for both Cool Down and Warm Up videos under our Full Length Workout Videos tab.

Plyometric Agility Exercises

16 Single Leg Lateral Hops (on each leg) – Build strength and stability through the outside thigh, hip, ankle and knee joint, all while you get your heart rate up.

16 Squat Jumps – Aside from burning a tremendous amount of calories & pushing your lungs to their maximum (in high reps), this lower body exercise is excellent for building explosive strength and speed in the legs.

16 Single Leg Ventral Hops (on each leg) – Learn to maintain control over the direction that your body is going, even while you don’t have a centered balance.

16 Burpees – Burpees are often despised but they are also incredibly effective. It’s an awesome bodyweight exercise that leaves very few muscles not screaming.

16 Lateral Jumps – Another cardiovascular move that lessens the chance of joint injuries by strengthening the muscles that surround and support them.

16 Jumping Lunges (alternating) – Glutes, thighs, abs, calves all pitch in for this one. These hurt, but it’s better that you burn out your lungs and legs while working out alone in your living room, than when you are face to face with an opponent.

16 Agility Dots (each leg, each direction) – These are great for building up the ankle and knee complex. This will help in improving speed of direction changes on the court or field and make it less likely that you roll an ankle while you’re at it.

16 Mountain Climbers – A bodyweight cardio workout that tones the arms, abs, quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Remember to cool down and stretch when you are finished.

During the off season, do this workout a few times a week in combination with Fitness Blender’s cardio and strength training workouts in order to improve your performance for your sport. Once you are back to your sport full time you should still aim to do this 1-2 times a week in order to maintain the gains that you made.

Calories burned
We estimate that this workout burns between 8-13 calories per minute, or 112-182 total. You could always increase the challenge and the calorie burn by wearing a weighted vest while you do the workout.

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