While high impact workouts can actually increase bone density and make for a more durable body structure, it’s also a good idea to give the joints a break every once in a while. That’s where easy on the knees low impact cardio workouts like this one come into play.

Whether you are nursing a joint injury or weakness of the lower body, severely overweight, or looking for a break from jarring routines, this workout is a fun way to get your heart rate up and your muscles engaged without all the pounding.

We have blended together some of the best no-bounce exercises in with a few calorie blasting, muscle toning moves of kickboxing. If you want a workout that is heavier on the kickboxing, we have plenty of those to choose from too.

We have carefully hand selected exercises that do not involve bouncing for this bodyweight cardio video. Because we really wanted something that was specifically easy on the knees and hips, we were also mindful of avoiding exercises that involved awkward twisting motions where the center of gravity was not centered. Even so, be aware that the duo that run Fitness Blender have no qualifications to give medical advice, and no information about any one person’s specific medical condition – we cannot say whether or not this low impact workout is right for you, only your doctor can do that. We always recommend that everyone gets medical release before attempting any of our workouts, and this is especially true if you are working with specific injuries or medical conditions.

Kickboxing & Low Impact Exercises; Printable Routine
50 Seconds each; one round through

Front Kick, Back Kick – Just like it sounds; kick forward with one foot, and then immediately kick backwards with the other. We will repeat this sequence with the opposite leg leading.

High Knee Jacks – Regular high knees are a wonderful fat burning exercise but are seriously high in impact & cardiovascular demand. This alternative version significantly lowers the impact but keeps the heart rate high by adding in the windmill arm motions. Alternate raising knees as high as you can, all while arms are doing a windmill jumping jack motion.

Punch and Lean Lifts – Great for balance and allover toning. Throw 3 alternating jab punches, all while moving to one side of the body (maintain a very shallow squat while you transfer weight from one side of the body to the other). One you have reached one side, do a leg raise on the leg that is not supporting your body’s weight.

Upper Cuts + Kicks – Tone the core, thighs and arms all at once with this one. Throw 3 alternating upper cut punches, then do one high kick forward.

Tap Rows – If you focus on working against yourself on this one, it can really bump up your calorie burn & toning benefits as well. Step to one side and tap the other leg behind your body while pulling shoulder blades together, completing a row.

Jab + Cross + Knee – This one is fun and effective. Throw a jab, then a cross punch, then bring one knee up. Repeat this for one full 50 second interval on one side before you switch to the other.

Corkscrew Toe Touches – A standing abs exercise, this one is also great for flexibility and the lower back. Extend your arms straight out at shoulder height. Bend and reach for the toes; tap with the opposite hand before coming back up to the starting position and then repeating the motion on the opposite side.

Calorie burn for this routine
We estimate that our kickboxing infused low impact workout burns roughly 5-8 calories a minute, or 45 – 72 total. If your goal is weight loss, you may want to add a few more of our short cardio workouts into your day at sporadic intervals for a higher calorie burn and an extra metabolic boost. With this routine being so short and easy on the joints, you could easily do it several times a day and end up burning more calories than you would by doing a 30 minute single session of cardio.

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