But if you’re not crazy, what are you? Normal? Lame? Boring? If a person who speaks his or her mind and loves to enjoy life is “crazy,” then what’s normal?
So what does “crazy” really mean? Enthusiastic? Imaginative? Outlandish? Are these things bad? Are these things lesser? Are these things really worse than boring or normal?

There’s too much death around us already — too many dead personalities, lifeless bodies and resting souls — that when you meet a soul who hasn’t resigned herself or himself to being perpetually bored and miserable, it can be a shock to your system.
A crazy person just wants to live in the moment and express her feelings.


You don’t care what people think of you, so you definitely don’t care about the opinions people have about your dreams. You are not scared to put yourself out there and tell people what you want or rather, expect from life.

You are not scared to make goals that other people would call impossible. You are not scared to have ideas that people would think are outlandish. You are strong enough to take your criticism and listen to the plain souls snicker at you. Because you undoubtedly know the power of being crazy, dreamy!

You know they’d rather watch you than do anything substantial of their own.

You know how to live; therefore, you know how to love. And what’s greater than love?


Source: Elite Daily

But if you're not crazy, what are you? Normal? Lame? Boring? Undreamy!

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