Duration: 14 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 112-196
Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: Jump Rope
Training Type: Cardiovascular


This is a very fast paced Jump Rope Pyramid Workout routine is great for getting your heart rate up and burning off some calories in a hurry.

What’s unique about pyramid workouts is the structure of the intervals. Here’s how this one in particular plays out, in terms of repetitions.

Rep Structure:

We have four different exercises that we go through using this structure of reps. In between each group of reps, we stoke up your fat burning furnace by adding in a 1-minute interval of jumping rope.

Exercises in this workout:
• Squats
• Push Ups
• Bridges
• Toe Touch Crunches

Styles of Jumping Rope used:
• Jogging – Just like it sounds, time your steps to miss the rope.
• 2 Foot Hop – Keep both of your feet together as you hop over the rotation of the rope, swinging it as quickly as you can coordinate.
• Boxer Shuffle – Jump back and forth on both feet from side to side slightly, and in between each hop tap the toe of one foot on the ground in front of you.
• Skip Extensions – In a skipping motion, kick one foot out in front of your body while hopping over the rope with the other (alternating).
• Backwards Double Hop – The same as a 2 Foot Hop, only this time you are going to be swinging the rope backwards.

This jump roping workout is a great option for days when your schedule is tight and you feel pressed for time. Because it is only 14 minutes long, it would go great paired with another one of our 10 minute workout videos – find another 1 or 2 of our shorter routines that you like & by the end of the day you will have squeezed in half an hour of exercise despite having a hectic schedule.

How many calories does this jump rope workout burn?
We estimate that this routine burns between 8 and 14 calories a minute. That’s 112-196 calories total in under 15 minutes. If you are male and heavier than roughly 180 lbs, you may burn more while doing this video, while if you are female and under 130 lbs, you may burn fewer.

What muscles are targeted in this routine?
Jump roping is truly a total body workout; there are very few muscles that are not engaged while you are doing it. The squats are an excellent thigh and glutes exercise, push ups target the chest, triceps, and core (among other supporting muscles), the bridges target the hamstrings and glutes, and the toe touch crunches target the core.

What if I am not good at jump roping?
There are several different styles of jumping rope in this videos that may take a little time to become familiar with – especially if you haven’t touched one of these “toys” since grade school.

You don’t have to do the kinds of jumping rope that are shown in the video, but it’s not a bad idea to try, even if you do have the coordination of a baby giraffe. Over time this kind of workout can help to build your agility and dexterity.

Jump ropes are an awesome piece of home cardio equipment that everyone should own. You can get them for as little as $5-12, they are super easy to store, and they allow you to get in a good workout in under 10 minutes.

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