* Duration: 30 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 245-382
* Difficulty: 5/5
* Equipment: Dumbbell, Kettlebell
* Training Type: Cardiovascular, Kettlebell, Strength Training, Toning


In this new Kettlebell routine we have coupled various Kettlebell exercises with intense cardio exercises to make sure you are keeping your heart rate up throughout the routine to not only focus on improving strength but also cardiovascular endurance. The intention of this routine is to keep your heart rate around 70%-80% of your max so you don’t actually hit your aerobic threshold and switch to an anaerobic phase. Basically keeping you working as hard as possible without hitting that point of no return.

Your first time through you might want to only do round one of the routine unless you already have a really high cardio threshold and are proficient with a Kettlebell. Also keep in mind that the weight you choose for each Kettlebell exercise will also have a great effect on how difficult the overall routine is. We suggest that you start with a lighter weight with which to do your first time through, allowing you to get a good feel of the individual exercises as well as the overall combination of moves.

This routine includes a warm-up and cool-down that is specific to the routine, however, if you have another warm up or cool down you like to do, feel free to substitute it for the ones in this video.

Warm Up
Chest Stretch: This stretch is intended to warm up and momentarily improve the range of motion in the shoulder by limbering up the chest and upper back muscles, just be sure to switch which arm/hand is on top every time your arms come in front of your body.
Arm Circles: (L and R, Front and Back) This motion is specifically meant to warm up the muscles that control movement and stability of the shoulder joint.
Jumping Jacks: This exercise has been around for years and is still used on a regular basis because it is such an easy yet effective way to warm up the entire body & bring the heart rate up and get the blood flowing.
Jump Rope: Probably the hardest from of pure cardio you can get and all from a $5-$15 piece of equipment. If you don’t have a jump rope then you can substitute this with high knees.

Kettlebell Cardio Routine
Clean & Press: This exercise has been around for many years but this version using only one hand is a great way to force your core to get even more activation. Just be careful to keep your back flat and keep the torso rotation to a minimum.

Burpies: One of the most hated exercises in existence, burpies are a total body calorie burning powerhouse. They are hated only for the fact that they can so completely tire you out.

Single Arm Swing (alternating): This is a great calorie burner as it incorporates the large leg muscles, core, and upper body all in one movement. Mastering the transitioning mid air can be difficult so if you need to, switch to doing 10 reps with your left arm then 10 on your right instead of alternating every repetition.

Mt Climbers: Yet another hated cardio exercise that incorporates legs, core and, upper body burning massive amounts of calories in a very small amount of time. Try to keep your hips low while getting as much range of motion out of your legs as you can.

Turkish Get Up R: These take a long time to complete so we are splitting the left and the right with a cardio exercise in between. Take your time on these and take a split second pause between each movement to check your form as these are difficult to learn and even more difficult to master.

Jumping Lunge: Expect to be crying at the end of this exercise as it really gets those legs burning. This plyometric exercise is another exercise that will burn calories at a very high rate so the burn is definitely worth it.

Turkish Get Up L: Now that you have done this exercise on the right side, now it is time to repeat it on the left. Remember to take your time and don’t start with too heavy of a weight.

Lateral Jump: This plyometric exercise is another great exercise to challenge your cardio as we strengthen your legs. The lateral motion adds more work from your outside thigh, incorporating even more of your thigh.

Half Squat Jerk: Burn out those legs by holding a half or quarter squat while performing a Kettlebell jerk to target the shoulder and cause the core to tighten to aid in control and support. Try to lead with your elbow rather than pulling with your hand to get the most out of this arm motion.

Cool Down
We finish off the workout with various stretches that target the specific muscles used in this routine. It is a good idea to do a few stretches when you are done with an intense workout like this one so you give your body time to filter out all of the waste products your muscles create during exercise. Just stopping cold causes it to just sit in your muscle tissue, slowing your rate of recovery.

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