This at home high intensity interval training workout will have you sweating bullets.

Here’s how this HIIT routine is broken down:

Warm Up
We start off with 7 minutes of simple warm up cardio. Even the warm up to this routine is a bit intense, so make sure that you remember that you can go at whatever pace that you need to for your own fitness level (that means that if you can move faster than is shown, push yourself and do it).

Warm Up Exercises, 1 Minute Each:
• Side to Side Squats
• Jogging in Place
• Power Skips
• Up & Out Jacks
• Slow Butt Kickers + Arm Swings
• Butt Kickers
• Lateral Jumps

After your muscles are ready to work and your heart is pounding, we move into a 16 minute HIIT. We have three different total body exercises that you will do for 60 seconds at a time, with a short rest interval in between each. We do each twice through before taking a full 2 minute Active Rest – then we move into the second round where you will do it all over again.

HIIT Exercises
• Burpees + Leg Raises – This is similar to a traditional
Burpee except for that at the top of the motion (when you are a standing position) you are going to do a side leg raise to both the left and the right side before dropping back down to kick out to a plank.

• Flutterkick Squats – Hop so that your left foot is ahead of
the right, and then again so that your right foot is in front of the left. Once you have completed these two hops, drop down into a squat, and then repeat.

• Double Butt Kickers – Hop upward hard, and kick yourself
in the butt with both feet. Do a stutter hop in between big “butt kicks” in order to help yourself regain your momentum and inertia. These are much harder than they look and you should be careful while you’re doing them – they are very taxing on the cardiovascular system, plus, this is an easy one to get overly fatigued and then possibly injured. Stop whenever you need to – if you get too tired and keep going, you run the risk ok not getting your feet back beneath your body in time.

There is no cool down or stretching segment for this video, so you will want to do that on your own, or look in our workout library for one of our cool down or stretching videos.

How many calories does this workout burn?
This is a very high intensity workout from start to finish, and all of the exercises are total body, so the expenditure rate is relatively high.

We estimate that this burns somewhere between 10-15 calories a minute, or 250-375 in just 25 minutes. The wide estimation range takes into account weight variations, gender, muscle mass, existing fitness, etcetera. This does not even take into account the elevated rate of calories that HIIT routines cause, for hours after you have finished with your exercising.

High intensity interval training tends to be high impact and can be rough on the joints. Make sure that you always do exercises on a forgiving surface (never concrete) that is even and free of debris. Talk to your doctor to get a health clearance before you start this or any other Fitness Blender workout.

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