There’s no doubting the fact that Vogue is a fashion behemoth and is possibly the backbone of the global fashion industry. There is also no doubt about the fact that Naomi Campbell uses her voice and position in the industry to make things happen, and in her visit to Nigeria, she has been enamoured by the Nigerian fashion industry. So much so that she is urging Conde Nast to launch an African Edition of Vogue, and we are entirely here for it! 

Even though there is an increase in diversity and inclusion in the global fashion industry, there is still a gap in the market for African fashion, which we’re gradually narrowing. Edward Enninful has been named the first African editor of Vogue and he’s certainly ascertaining diversity and inclusion of black and African voices in the industry, a lot of African designers and models are gaining continuous recognition on the runway, and there’s generally a lot of attention on the African fashion market at the moment. 
While most facets of the industry are seeing steady growth, there is a gaping hole in fashion media over here, which is due to the lack of infrastructure and ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Given that there’s not a lot out here, it’s easy for frauds to pose as the best we have, however, a lot of existing fashion publications don’t get their job done or even have the range to. This is mostly a clear case of owners creating vanity projects and turning extensions of their egos into (not viable) businesses, which does little to nothing for the actual fashion industry. 

Fashion media is important, as it’s through them that the general public gain knowledge and insight to the fashion they consume (and everyone who wears clothes is a consumer of fashion!). An African Vogue edition will be a very important step on many different levels, as it creates a niche that desperately needs to be filled as well as projecting the awesome fashion talent we have over here which will fuel a growth spurt in the industry.

By Konbini

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