Is there a watersport as Dubai (or as James Bond, for that matter) as flyboarding?
If you haven’t already tried it, the sport – officially known as hydroflying – was created by French jet-ski designer Franky Zapata in 2012.

High-adrenaline and fast-paced, it involves being propelled into the air on a board, as jet nozzles provide the pressure to boost the rider up to 15 metres into the air (we’re sure there will be nice views from there, if you get a chance to see them while you’re spinning around).

There are a couple of places you can try it out here in Dubai, including at Hydro Water Sports (pictured). The company was founded in 2015 by Karim El Gendy, and aims to provide the city’s adrenaline-lovers with “the ultimate water sports experience in Dubai”, and has locations at JBR and Jebel Ali.
“It is an amazing feeling to see one of our customers with a huge smile on their face after they have successfully learned to fly,” says El Gendy.
With the hot and humid weather making being in the water a must (plus some cost-cutting summer deals) it’s the perfect time to take to the flyboard.

Package for 15 minutes: Dhs300 (summer offer, down from Dhs450); 30 minutes: Dhs450 (down from Dhs600). Minimum age 16. JBR and JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort,


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If you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the excitement of powering across the Dubai water this sport is perfect for you.

High-adrenaline and fast-paced

Fly boarding in Dubai
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