* Duration: 33 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 264-429
* Difficulty: 4/5
* Equipment: Dumbbell, Kettlebell
* Training Type: Kettlebell, Strength Training, Toning

This 33 Minute Kettlebell Workout is a great option for those who are brand new to this unique kind of training.

Kettlebell routines are recognized for burning a very high number of calories, all while building lean muscles. This video is no exception as it burns a good deal of energy and is also very well balanced in terms of muscle groups engaged.

Make sure that you start out with slow motions and a light weight. This is important with Kettlebell training as injuries can easily occur. As you become stronger and more comfortable with the movements, you can make increases in both the amount of weight that you are lifting and the speed at which you complete your repetitions.

Here’s a breakdown of the Kettlebell video:

Warm Up – 3 Minutes
• 1 Minute Jogging in Place
• 1 Minute Slow Butt Kickers + Crossover Arm Swings
• 1 Minute Jogging in Place + Forward & Backward Arm Swings

Full Length Kettlebell Workout Routine – 30 Minutes
• Around the World – 20 Repetitions in each direction: Stand nice and tall with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and swing the Kettlebell around your body, passing it from hand to hand in a wide circle around your body to make the rotation. Go as quickly or slowly as you need to.

• Kettlebell Figure 8’s – 14 Reps in each direction: Just like it sounds, you’re going to make a figure 8 around your legs. Focus on throwing the Kettlebell from hand to hand with your fingers facing towards one another. It’s a catching motion more than it is a passing-off. Start slowly with this exercise and speed the motion up once you become more confident.

• Two Handed Kettlebell Swing – 20 Repetitions: Hold onto the weight with both hands, palms facing in towards your body. Go into a deep squat and use the power of your legs to drive the weight up to about shoulder height. Your shoulders will also be working to control the movement of the weight. Make sure that your back stays flat during this exercise.

• Kettlebell Cleans – 14 Reps on each Side: Keeping your back flat, use the force from your legs to drive the Kettlebell upwards so that it lands on the outside of your forearm & bicep. Let it rest there just briefly before you drop it right back down for another rep. This one is great for your glutes, biceps, and shoulders.

• Kettlebell Halos – 10 in each Direction: Hold onto the outside of the handle and bring it from one shoulder, behind your head, back down to the front of the opposite shoulder (making a halo shape). As soon as you reach the opposite side of your body, go back the other direction to end up where you started. Keep an even pace and keep the “halo” circle relative small and tight around your body.

• Straight Leg Dead Lifts – 20 Reps: Keep a perfectly flat back and your legs straight. Use a slow and controlled motion to tip forward, so that the weight hangs dead a few inches from the ground, and then squeeze your glutes to come back up to a standing position. You will feel this predominately in your glutes and your lower back.

• Squat Curls – 14 Reps: Dip into a deep squat, curling the Kettlebell at the bottom of the motion. Come back up from the squat, and let the weight hang as you extend your arms again. This is great for the upper body (particularly the biceps), the glutes, and thighs.

• Bent Over Rows – 14 Repetitions on each Side: Again, you need a straight back for this one, aiming to keep your upper body parallel to the ground.

Our intro warm up is relatively short; you may want to do a bit more cardio to prep your muscles for the workout.

Make sure that you cool down and stretch thoroughly after this workout.

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