Some days I just have to sit and laugh at what I come up with! I’m not a stranger to trying new things like ingesting clay or charcoal, doing coffee enemas and ditching tampons. The first time I heard about a Yoni Egg in a group I’m in a few months ago and  I immediately became intrigued. I decided to learn all about it and of course, for research purposes, had to try it out for myself! This post will share with you the benefits of a yoni egg

What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni eggs, or Jade Eggs, were designed centuries ago to improve the mental and physical health of women in Asian royalty. Ancient cultures believed that a woman’s womb is the center of her life force, sexuality and feminine energy. The sexual organs were regarded as the center for health and well-being. This powerful practice was kept a secret and was only taught to royalty. Yoni Eggs were used to promote youthfulness, health and longevity.

Yoni eggs are comprised of natural stones, crystals and minerals These crystals can have many healing properties that affect each person differently. Because crystals are earth minerals they have a vibrational frequency that promotes healing both emotionally and physically. Each crystal type is unique and can be helpful to heal sexual and emotional traumas as well as call on specific qualities such as tranquility, vitality and balance. These properties differ from crystal to crystal.

Benefits of a Yoni Egg
As women age and after childbearing the vaginal muscles begin to lose elasticity which can cause health problems. A yoni egg is a great way to tone the muscles and prevent and treat many reproductive health problems associated with aging such as:
* Incontinence
* Prolapse
* Vaginal dryness
Other benefits of using a yoni egg include:

* Reduce childbirth recovery time
* Reduce menstrual cramps
* Shorter and lighter menstrual cycles
* Increase fertility
* Stimulation for natural flow of hormones
* Enhanced sexual energy & libido
* Increase blood circulation to female reproductive system
* Improve vaginal elasticity
* Prevent sagging of internal organs caused by aging
* Shrink fibroids
* Reproductive health

How to use a Yoni Egg

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to try a Yoni Egg at at first, but my curiosity to try all things natural took over and I decided to give it a shot. A yoni egg is like kegals on steroids. It’s a great way to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor, balance the chakras, manifest intentions, improve your sex life and promote overall health and well-being. It was a bit awkward at first, but not bad as I thought it would be and I noticed results pretty quickly. Here is a great video that explains how to use a Yoni egg, the history and benefits.

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By Yogi Mami

Yoni Egg is like kegals on steroids

Also known as Jade eggs

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