So you’ve been to the Slay Shop and you love the Slay items there, infact you desperately want a Slay item but you can’t afford it?

Well we’ve got good news for you. What if we showed you how you can make enough money to buy the slay items you desperately want and also help others while your at it? Does that sound amazing? It does dose t it.

Here’s how to do it in a s little time as possible.

Sign up to the black membership business program.

This will cost you $150 a month or $1800 per year. Your fee will be deposited into your slay account at the Slay store. Which you can use to purchase any slay item. Once you’ve signed up, you simply invite your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. For every sign up you do you will receive 50% commission every single month for as long as your sign up remains a member. That’s amazing right?
So if you sign up 10 people a month that’s $750 into your PayPal account, or imagine if your really popular and you signed up 100 people a month that’s $7500 a month, what about a 1000 people that’s $75,000 people a month. Imagine what you could do with this.

Let’s take it a step further what if you signed up 10 people for the yearly subscription every month? That’s $9000 a month and any more would be really spectacular. In addition you get to have a free slogger page as a member on this luxury platform to increase your reach.

So now you know the sky is not your limit at the Slay Network😉 what are you waiting for, click here to join

Sure you can

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