The Master is Master because he Stares the possibility of failure in the face and presses on with his goals. He has no qualms about failing a multitude of times while you whimper at the slightest whiff of failure.

Set your goals higher than your expectations and do not be afraid to try again should you not reach your goal. All you need is one win, the Master understands this simple fact hence he is Master.

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You are where you are because you stopped trying

Experience and expertise are developed slowly at the cost of continuously failing and making mistakes. In every mistake and every failure there is a valuable lesson to be learned. Those who fail to learn from their failures are doomed to repeat them. Do not be discouraged from trying again, the greatest successes came just after their greatest failure. Take risks: if you win, you will be happy, if you lose you will be wise"

Source: Them Benjamins

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