This question was originally asked on Quora and it really hit a chord here at slay lifestyle.

Here’s one heart wrenching answer

“This actually happened to me in August of 2015. I was injured in a mountain biking accident and flown by helicopter to a local trauma center where it was determined I broke my spine in four places along with six ribs as well. I also had to have 14 staples for lacerations to my head.
My boyfriend and I had lived together since February of 2013, and had dated since September of 2011. The friend I was with at the time of the accident called him to let him know I was being taken to the hospital, but he didn’t visit until the next day saying that he didn’t realize my injuries were that bad and thought I would be home that night.
Fast forward to about a week or so later, he hasn’t visited since the day after the accident, even after multiple requests from me to do so, and I receive a simple text “I’ve packed up your stuff and you can have one of your friends or family come and pick them up.”
I’ve never received a text or a call from him asking how I am, or apologizing for his horrendous conduct in the matter. I was devastated for a while, even to the point on having to be put on anti-anxiety medication, but I have slowly worked myself out of my funk. The sad thing is that I sometimes find myself still missing him even after he treated me in such a horrific manner.
I would hope NO REAL HUMAN, who had truly cared for someone in the past would just leave someone due to an accident that left them paralyzed.”

Here are some other answers

“Not a chance. I have my own health conditions and he fights them all, flawlessly. And what matters most is his great mind, everything else is a bonus.”

“Would I abandon my wife if she became paralyzed, God forbid? No, I’m not a worthless piece of scum.”

…And Here’s a rebuttal by the slay team

The question is indeed interesting. It is very easy for one to quickly say they wouldn’t leave, but all those that have answered I wonder if they understand the full implications of being a carer for the rest of your life. It is emotionally draining, it can be financially incapacitating, it is unimaginably mind numbing. Indeed the implications more often than not is also a life without the usual way of sexual pleasure. Now I’m not saying that it is impossible for one to stay I’m only saying that paralysis is not a matter to be taking lightly not everyone is indeed mentally strong enough to be a carer as it usually means- to be selfless enough to totally forget about your needs for what could be the rest of your life. We cannot judge others who are not strong enough, I do believe one can only truly answer this question a year or two after being in this actual situation.

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One can never know without a shadow of doubt what they would do in any given situation unless they are currently in the actual situation- we should never judge others

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