Welcome to Slay Fitness Slogger Channel hosted by the Slay Network.
Results Happen over time, The key is to stay consistent, work hard and be patient.
The main reason most people are not consistent with their exercise routine is that they need to go all the way to their gym to workout.
A lot of people are a little shy about working out in public as well.
Slay Fitness solves all these issues, as all programs posted here allow you to workout in your own home.
The programs are a collection of various workout videos and routines that have been tested by our Slay Angels and various members of the Slay Network with amazing results.
A key part of an amazing workout plan is variation. Doing the same exercises day in day out is not very effective. As your body becomes used to the routine, you will hit a plateau. Following our guide will ensure that you dont hit a plateau as we change it up everyday and every month. Thats right, we keep your body constantly guessing and trying to keep up, this is the key to a successful workout plan.
A large part of staying fit is your diet.
We will be posting various diet plans and also maintenance plans on this channel.
Remember Real Change is not easy. Doubt, Try, Fail but never give up.
Stay tuned.
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Your Diet Matters

chicken Avocado Caprese Salaad

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Be creative with it

Baked Bell Pepper Tacos

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