Tomorrow the Cannes Film Festival kicks off, which means stars from around the world will gather to celebrate this year’s cinematic gems―and show off their best fashions and most outrageous shenanigans. Here, some of the most gorgeous, weirdest, and memorable moments in Cannes’ history.

By Harper’s Bazaar

Prince Charles and Princess Diana, 1987

The lovely Diana created an iconic moment when she walked the red carpet in this powder blue Catherine Walker dress. In 2011, this look sold at auction for £81k.

Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock, 2002

Because... remember when these two dated?!

Bjork, 2000

Bjork 4 Ever.

Simone Silva and Robert Mitchum, 1954

When Simone Silva posed topless at Cannes, she inspired a melee where one photographer broke his arm and another broke his leg. She was later asked to leave the festival.

Ingrid Bergman, 1956

Ingrid, always the most glamorous.

Sharon Stone

Sharon, forever our inspiration for doing the sparkle no pants dance.

Diana Dors and Ginger Rogers, 1956

Even before Instagram, Snapchat, and selfies (or cell phones for that matter...) were born, movie stars of the Diana Dors and Ginger Rogers-pedigree attracted major paparazzi.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1977

Just a few years before he became The Governator.

Vanessa Redgrave, 1967

Are those boots? Or pants with footsies? All we know is Vanessa Redgrave is wearing head-to-toe spangles and she looks phenomenal.

Olga Macova, 1995

Sun's out, buns out?

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