Adele and Beyoncé have a lot in common: They both go by their first names, they’re both gorgeous humans, and they both know Bey should’ve won Album of the Year at the Grammys!
Now, Adele has taken to the stage at her Melbourne concert to pay homage to her friend, Queen Bey, with an impersonation for the ages:

And here’s just a magical singing moment because Adele is magic (watch video)

Also, this is very special: Apparently earlier in the evening, she told the audience if they were there for a good time, that was their mistake, adding that the concert is, “basically just two hours of crying and songs about my ex-boyfriend.”

As someone who has cried along to Adele songs in my car more than I’ve done pretty much anything else in my life, I can say that most definitely qualifies as a good time. A good, cathartic sob in your automobile to Adele is basically the best thing about being alive.

By Cosmopolitan

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