Andrew Tate doesn’t mince words and neither will this post. So, here’s the deal, straight up: The real reason Andrew Tate doesn’t do weed? Because he’s not in the business of blunting his edge.

Let’s break it down. In a world where everyone is scrambling for an edge, for that tiny slice of excellence, why would anyone deliberately choose to dull their brain? Weed, pot, marijuana, call it what you want, it’s sold as relaxation, as a way to chill, as a ticket to that laid-back lifestyle. But the unspoken truth? It’s a dead end on the road to success.

Weed’s reputation as a chill pill is legendary, but that’s the trap, isn’t it? While you’re sinking into your couch, the world is turning, deals are being made, empires are being built. Andrew Tate doesn’t partake because he understands the value of staying sharp, being on-point, and maintaining a warrior’s focus.

It comes down to this: it’s about being in control. Surrendering that control, even for a few hours of euphoria, is a gamble with your potential. It’s not just about feeling ‘dumbed down’; it’s the knowledge that in those hours, something could slip by. Opportunities don’t wait, they don’t tap you on the shoulder and ask if you’re ready. They show up, and if you’re not 100% on your game, they’ll slip through your fingers.

Tate operates on a level where there’s no room for self-sabotage. Every move counts. Every decision is a chess piece in the grand strategy of winning. So why would he, or anyone who’s serious about their ambitions, entertain something that’s antithetical to achievement?

And let’s talk about image. Andrew Tate is a brand, a symbol of sheer, unapologetic power, and dominance. Engaging with something that could taint that image, that could suggest even a moment’s weakness, is out of the question. His empire isn’t built on the shaky foundations of inebriation; it’s built on the solid rock of relentless drive and sober strategy.

Lastly, it’s about respect—respect for oneself and one’s brain. You’ve got one life, one brain, and the clock is ticking. Every second matters. Are you going to invest those seconds in sharpening your intellect, cementing your legacy, or are you going to smoke them away?

Andrew Tate’s message is clear: If you’re aiming for the stratosphere, if you’re gunning for greatness, there’s no room for weed on that journey. It’s dead weight. Cut it loose.

So there it is. The unadulterated, raw truth on why Andrew Tate keeps his distance from the haze of cannabis. In the relentless pursuit of victory, in the climb to the top where the air is thin and the competition fierce, clarity is king. Keep your mind clear, your eyes on the prize, and leave weed for those content with mediocrity. Because when it comes to the high stakes game of life, Tate isn’t just playing to play; he’s playing to win.

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He doesn’t see the point of doing a drug that makes him dumbed down what’s the fucking point of that …Andrew Tate's message is clear: If you're aiming for the stratosphere, if you're gunning for greatness, there's no room for weed on that journey. It's dead weight. Cut it loose.

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