Your baby’s christening is a formal introduction into the community. It will probably be the first time that the members of your church and extended family see your new baby, and the first opportunity that you and they have to formally thank the Lord for bringing your new son or daughter safely into the world. Christening outfits are more than just pretty clothes for your baby to wear for the occasion. Christening gowns and baptism outfitsrepresent the baby’s innocence and purity. In many families, christening outfits are handed down from one generation to the next. In others, each child has a new christening outfit that becomes a part of his or her history. No matter the traditions and history that christening outfits hold in your family, a few tips can help you choose the perfect christening gown or outfit for your baby.


Christening outfits are traditionally white or off-white, though it’s becoming more and more acceptable for your child to wear a christening outfit in a different color. In many churches, the true ceremonial garment will be supplied by the community, often in the form of a tabard that the celebrant will slip over the baby’s head as part of the ceremony. Based on that, it’s not unusual for parents to dress their baby boy or girl in white with bright, colorful trim, or to choose formal christening outfits in pink, blue or other colors.

Christening Gowns for Boys or Suits?

While the traditional yards of white lace are still the most popular christening outfits for girls, many mothers prefer to choose more masculine christening outfits for boys, including adorable baby-size tuxedos and formal suits. For boys, christening outfits often take the form of one-piece rompers or coveralls, usually in white and nearly always embroidered and embellished with symbols and signs of celebration. It is still acceptable for little boys to wear traditional baptismal gowns, and you’ll find many christening dresses that have a more masculine cut to them, similar to bishops’ cassocks.


Take the season and weather into account when choosing a christening outfit for your baby. Remember that little bodies get heated or chilled much more quickly than adult bodies do. Yards of lace may be gorgeous for pictures, but pure misery for your little angel if it’s 90 degrees in the shade. You’ll find stunning christening outfits in 100% cotton, linen and satin, as well as in man-made fabrics that are designed for baby’s comfort.

Look for christening outfits that are designed to fit loosely. Tight armholes, leg bands and waistbands can bind at joints and make your baby uncomfortable and cranky because of the chafing. A good choice is a christening gown or christening suit that slips easily over a one-piece cotton jumper like a Onesie.

Your child’s christening day is likely to be the first formal, special occasion for which you’ll dress your baby to impress. With the enormous selection of christening outfits and styles available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect outfit in which to introduce your new little angel to the world.

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Princess Charlotte in her perfect Christening dress

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Christening look for boys

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