It’s time to get that body back, and luckily we are here to help you stay on track. See our top delicious Slay fitness picks this week for some inspiration. Remember Starvation is not the answer!

Chocolate berry acai bowl

Loving the Vegan Cashew granola from 18 Rabbits


Eat A bright breakfast to jumpstart your day

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Start your year right

We know setting resolutions for the new year can be tricky but we hope all of you are taking care of what's most important YOU! Stay inspired with Slay fitness slogger channel

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Veggies in all forms

Roasted delicate squash, roasted broccoli, lentils, sauteed Brussels sprouts, steamed kale, and avocado- all drizzled with a lemon tahini dressing. Tip: Try to eat more cooked veggies and less raw ones as that seems to help adjust the body to cooler temperatures and shorter days.

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Epic bowl

Decadent persimmon chia pudding bowls topped with satsuma oranges and Instagram @edenfoods tamari roasted almonds for a savory twist(highly recommended)

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Cherry Protein Smoothie

How delicious are cherries? This smoothie is a perfect workout recovery meal. This smoothie is super tasty, filling and raw. Packed with lots of nutrients we would call it a true power protein smoothie! The base is cherries which are rich in antioxidants (strongly anti-inflammatory), love that! This super fruit has many nutritional benefits, so make sure to eat a lot of these goodies! They contain vitamin C, potassium and beta carotene. It’s our favorite ingredients in smoothies nowadays! Pssst.... The flowers are edible. Recipe can be found at


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