So what’s the internet mad about? It’s calling out racism in Khloe’s latest campaign.

Most recent KarJenner headlines have featured pregnancy rumors but today Khloe Kardashian was served something MUCH different. Over the weekend Khloe made her first public appearance since her pregnancy news broke, and came out to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her denim line Good American. The anniversary also saw the fashion brand debut more than just denim, including new bodysuits and skirts.

In a photoshoot for the line’s new black leather mini skirt, Khloe is seen posing in the skirt alongside GoodSquad member model Slick Woods. In one photo posted to Good American’s Instagram account Slick is standing behind Khloe holding onto her shoulders while smiling. Khloe stands in front of Slick looking more subdued.

A second photo from the shoot posted to Khloe’s Instagram has now been deleted. It sees Slick kneeling at Khloe’s feet and holding onto her leg, while Khloe looks down at Slick as she touches her head. The photos are getting intense backlash online from critics calling the shoot racist. One Twitter user wrote, “idk who slick woods is but can she get her black ass up off that floor and at this woman feet. We got enough pics like this.” Many critics pointed out the master-slave relationship insinuated in the photo, “Antebellum slavery porn. Missus asserts her white power.”

Another fan tweeted, “nah slick woods went out sad. ain’t no damn way a kardashian petting me on the head like a dog for a check”. No, the Internet wasn’t done yet. One user pointed out the historic connection in the photos writing, “The fact that a Blk woman allowed Khloe Kardashian to use her as a Blk prop is complete trash.”

Khloe nor Slick have commented on the shoot as of now. And you know what? We don’t really expect them too. This is really not a good look for Khloe’s growing Good American company. Tell us below all your thoughts on the images and if you think the shoot is racist? For more Kardashian in your life, click here to check out Khloe denying her pregnancy on Instagram. As always I’m your host Sinead de Vries, I’ll see you guys next time.

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