Dan Bilzerian’s house, as you would expect, is one gigantic man cave. We don’t know if Bilzerian is the most famous bachelor in the world (that’s probably Leonardo DiCaprio), but he definitely wears his freedom from commitment like a badge of honor.

Recently , Bilzerian put his Las Vegas bachelor pad up for sale for a brisk $5.1 million. The 5 bed, 9 bath crib is over 9,400 sq. feet and it features everything a man could want, even a very secure gun vault that appears to be able to hold like 1000 guns. If that doesn’t sell you, the house also comes with a pool and hot tub, a fit pit, underground parking, a built-in backyard grill and bar, and the memories of 10,000 one-night stands. So if you do buy this place, bring a cleaning crew and a lot of bleach.

So is Dan currently broke?

On 24 February, a prank video was posted on YouTube, in which an “aspiring model” tries to break into one of Dan Bilzerian’s supposed homes.

The model, who calls herself Baberielle on YouTube (real name Gabrielle Kennedy) is filmed taking pictures and eventually getting caught by someone who looks like a security guard.
When asked who she is looking for, Gabrielle asks, surprised, if this isn’t Dan Bilzerian’s house. As it turns out, Bilzerian no longer lives there, and has moved to Las Vegas instead.

The house, as shown on a post on Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account, is in fact a Tik Tok Wish house that the poker player was reportedly renting for $200,000 a month

So far, Baberielle’s video has gained more than 2K views and has everyone questioning if Dan Bilzerian is now broke, as he can’t afford to live in this house anymore.
Is Dan Bilzerian broke?
Dan is the son of Paul Bilzerian, a well-known American businessman who, in 1989, was convicted of fraud and filed for bankruptcy. Bilzerian served 13 months of his four-year prison sentence and was required to pay a $1.5million fine.
His son, Dan Bilzerian, allegedly got rich on his own by playing poker professionally. It was through these means that he enjoys a lavish lifestyle, highly publicised on his social media platforms. However, as people know he no longer resides at his regular home, the question arises if Dan too, like his father, is now broke.
Forbes claims that Bilzerian was incurring large personal expenses, which he was attempting to pass of as company expenses under the Ignite logo. They go on to say that the poker player never actually owned any of the properties he is known to flaunt, but instead it is all paid for and rented by his company, Ignite.

Fans can now be seen on Twitter wondering about Dan Bilzerian’s wealth and how he got rich in the first place.

While social media outlets are claiming Bilzerian isn’t broke, but on the verge of bankruptcy, we are unable to confirm this at the time of writing.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s net worth in 2021?

Over the years of Bilzerian’s professional poker career – and side-gig as unofficial “Instagram king” – it seems he has accumulated a hefty net worth.

The millionaire playboy is regularly seen on social media flaunting boats, cars, guns, holidays, so how much are we talking about exactly when we ask about Dan Bilzerian’s net worth in 2021? Well, according to Wealthy Gorilla, the 40-year-old is estimated to be worth around $200 million this year.

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EST Net worth: $200 million

Where is Dan Now?

So is his entire life fake?

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Dan Bilzerian as a businessman is existing as a sort of 21st-century king of debt. His company received Payroll Protection Program loans totaling $1.2 million in US dollars meanwhile he lives in this billionaire mansion. What’s the deal here?

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