Lesson of the day: don’t ask Blake Lively what she’s wearing on the red carpet. The actress told off a reporter at Variety’s Power of Women event earlier today when she was asked who she was wearing.
“Really? At this event, you’re asking me about my outfit?” Lively said, according to USA Today. “Seriously…Would you ask a man that?”
The actress’ reaction, though surprising, makes sense. At an event titled “Power of Women,” which celebrates women’s accomplishments in their careers and beyond, the “who are you wearing” conversation seems extraneous.

I’m here so we…become more aware, and that we change, and that we build [women up]. So, you can ask me another question,” Lively added, attempting to bring back the focus to her charity work with the Child Rescue Coalition, which fights child pornography.

Instead of asking her about her wardrobe, one might want to consider asking for her take on the current political climate, to which she’ll gladly oblige. When Varietyasked on the red carpet about her worries about the Trump administration, she replied with a detailed answer starting with, “There’s a lot that’s worrying me as a woman.”

And if you must know, her emerald one-shouldered jumpsuit is by Brandon Maxwell.

Blake lively recognized for her work with child rescue coalition

Blake lively was recognized for her work with child rescue coalition, an org that aims to stop the spread of child pornography on the Internet. Lively cued up an interactive map that showed the heavy traffic in such material in real time. She described some of the unspeakably cruel things that children have endured to create such vile content, and she delivered the chilling statistic that child exploiters typically exploit 50-100 victims during their lifetime. Sexual exploitation of children isn't happening rarely or worlds away. It's happening right here, she said. Presenter Salma Hayek hailed lively's dedication to her work with child rescue coalition as representative of a new breed of women who are going to heal the world.

We love the jumpsuit though

Blake lively is a goddess

Blake looks absolutely stunning

Her acceptance speech

Blake arriving at the event

A slaylebrity with depth

What a dress: Blake lively is definitely a star slaylebrity

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