Roses have long symbolized love, romance, passion, and friendship. They are the perfect way to say “I love you,” “Happy anniversary,” “I’m sorry,” or simply, “Thinking of you.” Nothing can be more delightful or charming than receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses, popping with bright colors and smelling like it was picked that morning.
Alas, fresh flowers don’t last for long. Even the lushest, freshest roses will begin to wilt within days. While your sentiment may stay forever, your flowers won’t.
At Slay Billionaire, love is never fleeting, so your gifts shouldn’t be either. With the Everlasting Roses, you’ll have an elegant, luxurious way to create lasting moments with the people you cherish most. Not just once, but every day, all year.
Slay billionaire preserved roses are real roses that have been specially treated so they will last a year or longer. They are hand-picked at peak freshness from the mountains of Ecuador, where the world’s best roses are grown, and carefully arranged by slay billionaire master florists. Each and every rose is 100% natural and free of toxic chemicals or pesticides.
The Acrylic Rose Box displays Everlasting Roses in the most dramatic fashion — suspended in a see-through box that allows for a 360-degree view of each perfectly picked flower. With the roses so clearly and beautifully presented, you’ll never need to open the box, therefore preserving them for as long as possible. We like to think of them as sleeping beauties, encased in their own little castles.
These stunning bouquets feature only the best buds plucked from slay billionaire partner flower farms in Ecuador and carefully arranged in a sturdy box that looks oh-so-classy. The acrylic box includes 36 preserved rose, each one at least 2 inches in diameter.
Your sweetie will be delighted to receive this gesture of love — the perfect embodiment of luxury, thoughtfulness, and romance, all contained in a gorgeous box that will last so much longer than flowers in a vase.

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The perfect embodiment of luxury, thoughtfulness, and romance

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