This post is all about the MIND BLOWING Slay CLUB WORLD referral program or affiliate program.

We are going to show you all the main advantages for those who decide to create a slogger channel on slaylebrity to promote their profile or brand on this remarkable Elite online network.

When you join The Slay club world program you get a slogger channel which you can use to promote your slay business efforts, think of it like an Instagram account dedicated to your slay business. Not only that, you will have a chance to earn recurring commissions that could exceed your paid job if you have a job or your business revenue if you are a business owner.
Exciting times!

How to Become A slay club member?
As soon as you sign up for the membership, an affiliate link will be created for you. This is a special type of URL that holds a unique code (ID) that identifies you.
When someone clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is stored on his/her computer to keep track of any purchase made inside The Slay club membership area. If this person (your referral) ends up paying the premium membership at any time in the future, you will start earning commissions that result from every monthly or yearly payment.
Although you are technically an affiliate by the time you are able to share the links, the challenge lies in getting visitors (website traffic) to follow your recommendations and click them. The good news is that you are promoting a social club that lets members earn a significant income, so it’s not difficult to convince anyone to join! Besides, your audience is huge!

Just a reminder, the number of worldwide internet users reached 3.17 BILLION in 2015.

The Audience
The potential is huge! Just take a look at the kind of audience you are able to target:
• Job Haters
• Retired Folks
• Avid travelers – Digital Nomads
• Stay-at-home moms
• Students
• Prospective bloggers
• Affiliate marketers
• Local marketers
• Local businesses
• Those who want to turn a hobby into a profitable business
• People looking for hosting and domain names
• Anyone looking for extra cash
• shopaholics
• fashionistas
• luxury brands

To be honest, everyone is a potential candidate because anyone can benefit from the Slay club world membership.

Before you upgrade to slogger status the first thing to do is to register as a slay bird here. Once you’ve registered as a slay bird you can then upgrade to slogger status to start sharing content.
As a free member (slay bird) you can only like, follow Comment and be followed by others. Getting lots of followers results in something incredibly special see slaylebrity status benefits below. However without upgrading to slogger status you are not allowed to share content as a slay bird. This makes it quite tough to gain followers quickly.

There are two types of paid memberships at slay club world

The Membership Fee plan for sloggers is as follows:
Monthly fee: $1000 a month
Yearly subscription fee: $12,000/year

The Slogger Commission Structure
This is exciting because you will earn recurring commissions as long as your referral is a slay club world member. This means that you will be paid every month/year for every referral

How much?
When your referral:
• Upgrades to slay club world membership – You earn $300 MONTHLY (30%) per signup
• Upgrades to annual premium membership – You earn $3600 ANNUALLY per signup

• You also receive 500 slay dollars ($500) which you can use to purchase items at the slay luxury store or products promoted at the luxury lifestyle section at slaylebrity

Slaylebrity Status (black membership)

To upgrade to black membership you need to achieve slaylebrity status(500,000 followers on your slaylebrity page)
At this level earnings are outstanding AND you do not need to pay membership fees.

Commission Structure for Slaylebrity Status
When your referral:
• Upgrades to slay club world membership – You earn $500 MONTHLY (50%) per signup
• Upgrades to annual premium membership – You earn $6000 ANNUALLY per signup

• As a slaylebrity you are entitled to 20% discount on products from the slay luxury store

At both levels you earn as long as your referral pays the monthly or yearly subscription fee. You will not earn from a referral if:
• your referral misses a fee or chooses to cancel the subscription
• your referral achieves Slaylebrity status



Now, if you are a SLOGGER you still pocket huge commissions. Signing up to slay club world as a slogger means you created a business with $1000 if monthly or $12,000 if yearly.
These commissions start to build up over time as you refer more and more people. At some point, after hard work and commitment, you may find yourself with 100 referrals generating $3000 for you every month (if monthly referrals) or $360,000 (if yearly referrals).

Now consider this, you achieve slaylebrity status! you are now paying $0 in membership fees, but you earn incredibly high commissions.

At 100 referrals you are generating $50000 every month (if monthly referrals) or $600,000 per month (if yearly referrals). Would you be happy to quit your full-time job to spend more time with your family, travel or even dedicate more time to double, triple and even quadruple this figure? Well, many online entrepreneurs have done just that and that means you can too.
We won’t lie to you, it is not an easy task, but it is not rocket science either. Those guys who have been successful took massive action and worked consistently to reach and surpass these mentioned income levels

As surprising as it may seem, success only requires 2 major parts: consistency and hard work. Whenever you work hard and are super consistent – things happen. Whenever you look for shortcuts and are lazy – you will fail.
Would you prefer to invest your time and effort into building a long-term business or rather invest the same effort and time to make some quick cash for a few weeks? if your answer is yes then this program is right for you, if its no then we wish you luck in your ‘GET RICH QUICK MONEY SCHEMES’

Lifetime Cookies
Each affiliate program has its own cookies with different expiry dates. Cookies from the Amazon affiliate program, for example, lasts for only 24 hours. As for THE slay club world membership program cookies, they last a lifetime as long as the web browser is not cleared. This means that if the person visits slay network club member area through your affiliate link today but joins 2 years later, you still get credit for it. This is a great advantage over other affiliate programs.

Referral Tools
Slay club world offers tools to help you maximize results, by providing you with some tools to help get you more sales. You will find these tools at the slay club membership in the FAQ
You don’t need to be an expert to get started. Your expertise will grow exponentially as your business grows!

That’s why we love internet marketing. It is open to anybody regardless of knowledge and experience.

If you are helping people through your website, guess what? You are already a successful internet marketer!

Ready to Join slay club world and work from anywhere anytime?
click here to join
If you’ve achieved slaylebrity status click here to upgrade.

CAUTION: Signing up to this program could likely render you certifiably unemployable! In other words, it could make you so eager and excited about the opportunities you’re about to be exposed to that you could find it hard to be satisfied with any real job ever again.

If you don’t like being motivated or inspired toward achieving more in life please do not upgrade to slay club world membership lifestyle program. The dream of what “could be” or “might be” or “should be” can be dangerous if your new dream isn’t backed up with the required motivation and work ethic to make it all happen. You CANNOT have one without the other.

In other words:

You need to be ready to do some work. There’s no business model that ever existed (or ever will) that eliminates effort from the success formula.
If you are ready to build something creative that you can be proud of however then this is the program for you.

Our life’s mission is motivating and equipping our members with the tools and skills for success. WE love helping people become financially independent and We live in the greatest time in humanity to make that happen.

We’ve had several days now where we’ve put $100,000 in the bank. There are no big secrets to making this happen either.

Time + Consistency + a proven plan of action = what it takes.

To be clear we are talking about doing something you believe in for a living- something you are proud of, love doing and can’t wait to do each day. Mondays should be just as great as Saturdays- if not better.
Click here to change your life once and for all today.

The possibilities at slaylebrity are endless

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