Don't let someone else Live your dream

Don’t let someone else Live your dream

I love this quote by motivational speaker and coach Tony Gaskins.

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help you build theirs. It is so true. The irony is, 95% of people I know are doing nothing to build their dreams, not even to find out what their dream is! So many people are working so hard getting a job, getting next month’s pay check, when they have a job they worry about what their bosses and colleagues think and when they are getting a promotion or a 5% raise.
If you are in that situation, don’t forget you have dreams yourself and that ultimately they need to be taken care of. Don’t let ten years of 60 hour weeks pass until you realise you made everybody else rich and happy but yourself.
How do you do it though? I remember being a student myself, and only ever thinking what profession I was going to choose and which big company would hire me. This is what everybody (unless they’re lucky enough to be surrounded by entrepreneurs in their family or among peers) is told to do – to find a job, to get a salary to cover rent and food and holidays, with a few hundred bucks left for savings at the end of the month, if you’re lucky. If you have no financial buffer and that next rent payment is looming, of course you will stop thinking and just look for a job in a frenzy, and you will be so happy when you find your first job. If you are a student at university, I say you are one of the luckiest people on this planet because you have a couple of years to work on your dreams while using the cover of being a student to be immune to questions about why you don’t have a job.

If you’re studying, don’t forget that your number one job is not taking exams and fulfilling the curriculum, your number one job is to take care of yourself, your passions, your talents and your dreams. Excel at exams only to the extent that they serve your purpose, not as a goal in themselves.

If you’re working already, also start shifting your energies to all the activities that are in line with your dreams – make sure you learn a lot and build relationships that could be useful to you in the future. Ironically, this could actually enhance your job performance, because you will shift from an employee mentality to the kind of big picture mindset that (hopefully) the senior management in your company has, and you will likely identify opportunities for efficiency gains or growth.

Make sure you stop and think. Are you currently focusing all your energies on building someone else’s dream? What are you doing for yourself? What have you done for yourself? For your family? Your friends? Who is benefiting from all your hard work? When are you going to take care of your dreams?

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Nobody will give you your dream job you just make it

Don't let someone else Live your dream

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