Start with 20 day daily dry fast,
Break dry fast 6-10 pm for the 20 days
with water and apple cider green tea with lemon from 6-10 pm only

Maintenance Plan

1:00 10 crackers with lettuce
Can have any topping

3:00 fruit pear poached

4:00 popcorn with honey

6:00 green tea with apple cider and lemon

Sunday-cheat meal day
1:00 rice and chicken

4:00 chicken (rice or potato optional)

6:00 green tea with apple cider and lemon

Every other Thursday cheat meal day

1:00 yoghurt burger (red bull optional)

4:00 Turkey

6:00 green tea with apple cider and lemon

Every other day plus weekends.
Recommended 20 minute spin incorporated with slay fitness suggested workouts

Weekends go for a run and do a 250 count skip plus a slay fitness suggested workout

Notes: we don’t recommend heavy exercise during the 20 day fast however we recommend pull ups 50 in the morning Plus 50 sit ups and 50 in the evening Plus another 50 sit ups.

Click here for our top recommended fitness and health supplements( we highly recommend daily VIT C 1000 MG, MSM 2000MG and Garcinia Cambogia-2 tablets)

Disclaimer: Consult with a physician before following any diet plan.

You get what you put in, it's that simple

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