As you know it wasn’t that long ago when the bathroom was viewed as a room where you quickly went in and got out. The bathroom was a banal and boring place , in those days. But things have definitely taken a luxury turn, Many home-owners are now constructing what we like to call the ‘modern and luxury day’ bathroom, a place to loiter and luxuriate. If you are a luxury bathroom lover you have to see slay lifestyle concierges’ picks for the most modern, luxury and expensive bathrooms in the whole world.

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A place to loiter and luxuriate.

Worlds most opulent bathrooms

All gold bathroom, price- $2.3 million

Worlds most opulent bathrooms

This bathroom which costs $2.3 million to create is officially the most expensive bathroom in the world according to Guinness. Why? Because it’s made of gold This crazily indulgent bathroom is  widely considered to the most expensive in the world; situated at Hang Fung Gold Technology’s Hong Kong showroom, everything in the place is worth a mint. The toilet was created from solid gold, and that includes the seat. It’s a working toilet and has a state of the art flushing system and that’s only the tip of the gold-plated iceberg in this luxurious loo. The floors are studded with gold bars and the sink, tiles, doors, and walls are also made of solid gold – even the waste paper baskets are gold!

Trump Tower´s Beautiful Bathroom- price $2 million plus

Worlds most opulent bathrooms

If decadence isn’t your taste then you might not enjoy the Alabaster walls of Trump Tower’s beautiful bathroom; the walls alone are worth more than two million dollars and were created specifically for the room by craftsmen in Portugal. The bath is custom built to fit three people in it and there are no less than 10 shower heads in the shower, with sink and taps overlaid with 24 carat gold. The toilet is what is known as “sensitive” and it can tell whether you need the seat up or down. Donald Trump himself admits that the bathroom is better than the one in his own home. Now that’s some serious luxury!

Ever thought of putting a fireplace in your bathroom?

Worlds most opulent bathrooms

Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Melissa Gorga did

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