Worlds first levitating cup, beer cup, cocktail cup, coffee cup, dessert cup

The worlds first levitating cup – The entertaining options are endless with the exciting Levitating Cup. With this floating piece of drinkware, you can evoke your own creativity to create a drinking experience for your guests like none other.

Includes cup, base, charger, universal power adapters, and manual.
The wireless base is chargeable and can be used with no power cord attached (battery lasts 8-10 hrs on a single charge). Wired base works only while plugged into power outlet.
Note: Items don’t float without the base.


Levitating element: beer cup, cocktail cup, coffee cup, dessert cup

Base style: wired or wireless

Base color: black, chrome or white

Price: $1224

Includes complimentary worldwide shipping. See more @ Slay Lifestyle.

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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Indulge in Culinary works of art

Worlds first levitating cup, beer cup, cocktail cup, coffee cup, dessert cup

The levitating dessert cup allows you to indulge in your culinary works of art in ways you will have never experienced. A truly impressive way to show off your culinary skills that will leave your guests in awe.

The future of drinkware

Unique cup styles

Luxurious and shatter proof

Choose from multiple sleek, luxurious and lightweight and extremely durable faux glass cup options that will make any occasion a memorable one.

Present in ways never thought to be possible before

High end drinking culture has always been shrouded in tradition, but as consumers like millennial start relying on technology more throughout their daily lives, there's more and more demand to experience things in new ways, ways never thought to be possible before.

The engineering behind the magic

Thanks to advanced levitating technology the cups magically float above the wired or wireless base, allowing you to pour drinks midair and impress your guests. The cup uses magnetic levitation also called electromagnetic suspension in which electromagnets at used to stabilise the floating cup above the base.

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