The school of affluence is a social group that has a lot of money and they are not afraid to show it. They want the best of everything and they don’t care what that costs. The jet set babe is the poster child for this group. She has expensive taste and she will spend whatever it takes to get what she wants.

A large part of this group can become toxic because they are so focused on being perfect rather thanrelationships, or experiences. They have an extravagant lifestyle with luxury items like private jets, yachts, first class travel and expensive tastes in food and clothes.

They can be stereotypical and this is not healthy. Quite a few women in my town: expensive designer labels, behavior tacky and anything but classy. My grandmother: born and raised on a mountain, neat, clean, sometimes not owning a pair of shoes but a real lady.

I don’t feel that all elegant women need to dress the same, speak the same way, or lead the same lifestyle. Princess Diana was elegant, even in sports wear and chunky trainers, because she understood the importance of grace & humility.

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