Not many of us start out in the affluent world with a big budget, but we have to start from somewhere! In this video you will discover how to look expensive and affluent so that you can blend in with the rich.

Consider this your 101 guide to levelling up fast.

KNOW THIS: The ones with new money are the ones who will be judging you. I own a small store of high quality home linens and I make the same observation everyday. People with old money have such natural and effortless taste… Often dress in neutral colours, they are proud but never worried about trying to impress anyone. They just mind their own business and see people for who they are, not what they wear. They pay attention to proper fit, and their clothes are maintained, pressed, and appropriate for the season and the occasion.

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Every time you leave your house make sure you are dressed like you are going to meet your future husband!

SHH...honestly this is how you stay expensive

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