Sam Kolder is a Slaylebrity Instagram star who has amassed over 941K followers on Instagram.

He was Born February 1996, and is currently 22 years old. Kolder’s birth sign is Aquarius.

The Filmmaker, editor and photographer was hired to be the head of video of Beautiful Destinations. The Beautiful Destinations Instagram account has more than 11.1 million followers as of June 2018.

Before Fame
He was uploading video content to his “kold” YouTube channel as early as May of 2011.
His YouTube channel has earned more than 536,000 subscribers. He enjoys extreme sports like skateboarding and cliff jumping.

Family Life
He is from Toronto, Canada. His brother Tim passed away after a storm capsized his canoe in Algonquin Park. He began dating singer Arianna Hicks; however they later broke up in late 2017.

Associated With
He shot video for The Chainsmokers, a duo comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.

Sam Kolder isn’t a man of many words. With no searchable website to find, Kolder prefers to let his stunning cinematography and photography that he posts to social media do the talking for him. If you are one of Kolder’s 914K Instagram followers, then you know he has a pretty busy, and epic, life.

Usually, most people, would have a problem keeping focused through an insta page of nothing but travel clips, but Kolder’s incredible cinematic style mixed with Hyperlapse and some crazy good After Effects transitions is captivating. Add to that the sheer number of beautiful and dramatic looking locations and Kolder creates one of the best travel ‘reels’ we have seen in quite a while.

Hard to believe the skill level that Kolder possesses now. We are beyond intrigued to see where he is 10 years from now.

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Sam Kolders life is probably more epic than yours

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A Sam Kolder must watch

I'm currently on a rooftop in Beijing looking over the skyline reflecting on this project with @mvmt and how it came to life. I didn't want this to just be a watch or another material possession for people to buy but I wanted it to convey a message. A physical item people could carry around with them as a reminder about life and how incredibly lucky each and every one of us is to experience this short amount of time on earth. And thats what I hope this can be to you. Music by @kasbomusic

Source: By @sam_kolder

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