Glamrezy is official on Instagram. Yessss that little blue check mark showed up next to our favorite makeup artist’s name. Amra Olevic is now Instagram verified, but do we even know who the baddest chick in the game really is? We’ve combed the internet and to be honest Amrezy is somewhat of a mystery, other than what she allows on her Instagram and Twitter there is not much information floating out and about in World Wide Web surrounding our favorite beauty guru. However throughout all our searching We did find out a few things you may not know.

Amrezy has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million. So how did this one time Sephora counter girl get there?

Amrezy or Glamrezy, whichever you prefer to call her actually had her own blog at one point! Who knew? As of now it doesn’t look like she has posted anything since December 2014. Her last post was about a month out from the previous one and Amra expressed to everyone that her blog was under construction and she would be back soon… but apparently she decided to stick to Instagram full time (which probably worked out for her since she hit 5 .2 million a few months ago!) In an about me blog post Amra tells us a little bit about herself and her background. First off, if you aren’t too familiar with who Amrezy is, her real name is Amra Olevic and Amrezy was a high school nick name turned beauty industry must know. She was born in Montenegro, the former Yugoslavia (for those of you who haven’t cracked a map open in a few years, or ever, Montenegro is a Balkan country in Europe). She then spent some time living in Bosnia and Croatia before immigrating to the United States at the age of 9. The rest of her childhood and early adulthood was spent in New York City, and she now resides in sunny LA. By the way, YES she does have a boyfriend for all you men, and women out there wondering if you have a shot with the glam queen. Being as private as she is, Fernando has only made the occasional appearance on her IG as well as in a snap chat story or two but other than that he’s a ghost. You can catch the lovebirds on vacation together on snapchat weve come to the conclusion that he looks like a male North West. Lol. When she is not kicking it occasionally with A list celebs like Kylie Jenner, Amra keeps her life totally private. So I guess we will have to settle for makeup tips, outfit goals, and sassy selfie videos.

According to her many Instagram posts which caption her makeup products for the day, her top 5 go to’s seem to be: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Inglot gel liner #77 (for her flawless wings), Armani Luminous Silk foundation, TooFaced Better than Sex mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks in Pure Hollywood and Milkshake. Amrezy not only slays her face perfectly, but her hair as well. Amra is an ambassador for the coveted Bellami Clip in extensions you can use code Amrezy to get money off of your purchase. We highly recommend the Belissima set! We can also take notes on her outfits, She owns designer dresses, shoes and bags. Amra not only is a social media star, and makeup artist sent straight from the gods, she is also quite the entrepreneur. In 2014 she collaborated with the Brow Queen herself Anastasia and produced the “Amrezy” Palette. She was quoted saying she created this palette by giving it everything she thought a makeup artist would need. Including crease colors, which she says she cannot live without, as well as a few bright colors for the more daring, matte colors and shimmery colors. Recently with the booming trend of liquid lipsticks taking off, the walking goddess collaborated with Lip Land Cosmetics to produce three fabulous shades “Rezy”, “Brooklyn”, and “Montenegro” priced at $18.99.
Click here to get Amrezy’s sunshade look

Today she is perfection itself

Before it all happened

Quite the transformation

On the way to stardom

We love this purple dress

Boyfriend of life

Kanye resemblance? Come to think of it after her transformation she looks like Kim Kardashian

Quite the makeup guru

She's a business woman too

Fabulous sunnies

See description to get them

Amrezy having a go at haters

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