Guide Budget : $160,000| year

Living Large: Unveiling the Luxurious Realm of Le Rosey, Where Super Rich Kids Reign Supreme

Greetings, fellow high-flyers of the world! Today, I’ll take you on an exhilarating journey through the hallowed halls of opulence, where the progeny of the world’s elite gather to receive an education fit for kings, queens, and barons. Brace yourselves as we step into the almighty institution known as Le Rosey, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Switzerland. Prepare to be enamored, dear readers, for this is where super rich kids go to school!

1. Sipping Champagne While Studying Shakespeare? Not Just a Dream!

At Le Rosey, the norms of academia meld seamlessly with the lavish lifestyles of the privileged few. Think about it: your little cherubs reading Shakespearean sonnets while sipping on exquisite champagne. It’s the epitome of elegance, my friends! Here, your kids can rub shoulders with budding royals, affluent entrepreneurs, and influential leaders who will shape the world tomorrow.

2. A Picture-Perfect Swiss Wonderland Awaits

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Le Rosey captivates with its pristine surroundings. Enveloped by rolling hills and pristine lakes, this architectural marvel is a haven worthy of its esteemed clientele. Stroll through lush gardens abundant with fragrant blossoms, or simply lounge by the iconic alpine lake. The sheer beauty of this prestigious institution will leave you breathless!

3. A Feast for the Senses: Extravagance in Every Aspect

No expense is spared in ensuring that Le Rosey students enjoy the epitome of luxury. Picture state-of-the-art classrooms embracing the latest educational technologies, where knowledge intertwines with comfort. Classrooms bathed in golden hues, adorned with plush velvet seating – because when your kids are destined for greatness, they deserve nothing less!

4. The Curriculum: Cultivating Brilliance and Distinction

Le Rosey prides itself on fostering academic excellence while encouraging students to embrace diversity and global perspectives. Whether your child opts for the rigorous International Baccalaureate, the American High School Diploma, or a unique blend of both, rest assured that they’ll be equipped with the tools to conquer the world. The pinnacle of academia and the epitome of grandeur merge at Le Rosey!

5. Legendary Mentorship: Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

At Le Rosey, the world’s brightest minds converge, not only in the student body but also in the faculty. Esteemed professors guide and mentor young minds, ensuring that they acquire the knowledge and wisdom to navigate the realms of power and success. Who knows, your child might find themselves sipping tea with a Nobel laureate or exchanging ideas with globally renowned business tycoons!

So, dear readers, imagine the possibilities that lie ahead when your precious progeny takes their rightful place amidst the world’s elite at Le Rosey. From forging lifelong connections with future rulers to the awe-inspiring landscape that serves as an everyday backdrop, this institution defines grandiosity in the realm of education.

If you dream of a future where your children are leaders, innovators, and influencers, look no further. Le Rosey beckons, offering an unparalleled educational experience that merges academic brilliance with the exclusivity of the super rich. Watch your little ones blossom into visionaries at this haven, where kings, queens, and barons are their friends, their mentors, and their inspiration. It’s time to let them spread their wings and soar amongst the stars, for greatness awaits!

Facts to note

Fair warning: Le Rosey receives an average of 400 applications each year, but only accepts 80 to 90 new students. The waiting list also depends on the applicant’s gender, age, and nationality due to the maximum quota of 10 percent per country or group of countries.

What does Le Rosey look for in a student?
Aside from some financial means, a potential Le Rosey student needs to fulfill a few personal qualifications. These include:
1. Intellectual ability – Students must be able to keep up with the requirements of the school’s programs for French or International Baccalaureates.
2. Linguistic ability in English or French – Students aged 15 and above must be fluent in one of the two languages. However, students aged 13 and above should at least be able to understand it, while those aged eight to 12 aren’t required to.
3. Character and values – Students must adhere to Le Rosey’s Code. According to the school, they favor applicants who are active, curious, and ambitious.

Students with learning disabilities, violent, spoilt, drug, alcohol abuse, racist or anti social attitude will likely not be admitted.

Guide Budget : $160,000| year

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Unveiling the Luxurious Realm of Le Rosey, Where Super Rich Kids Reign Supreme

Source: Institut Le Rosey

Historical background

In 1880, founder Paul-Émile Carnal acquired a once-run-down manorial estate in Roelle, Switzerland, which soon became home to the world-renowned boarding school Institut Le Rosey. Decades later, his son Henri Carnal and his American wife took over the school, attracting students from across the globe.

Source: Institut Le Rosey

The school of kings

Source: Institut Le Rosey

It’s a fitting title, given that it serves as the alumni of many royalty

including King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Albert II of Belgium, Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, Aga Khan IV and daughter Princess Zahra Aga Kahn, and many more blue-blooded personalities. 

Source: Institut Le Rosey

Other than royals, the school has also been graced by the progeny of famous names

including the children of Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor; Sean Ono-Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono; and Tracee Ellis Ross, actor and daughter of ’70s star Diana Ross. Alongside many worldly socialites are some of the Philippines’ most affluent, like Florence Benitez Johannot of the Benitez clan.

Source: Institut Le Rosey

Prestigiously located in Switzerland the land of the wealthy

Source: Institut Le Rosey

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