Hello! Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! Have you figured out what to do for your bambinis Valentine’s party at school? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Whip up these adorable candy filled Valentines! This craft is super easy so get your Bambini involved too!

Here’s what you need:

Pencil and scissors
Letter stickers
1/8 inch hole punch
Embroidery floss and needle
Valentine Candy (M&Ms are perfect)

By Jill from Create, craft and love

Candy filled Valentines, Be Mine!

perfect craft for you and your Bambini. You can use your bambinis name instead of phrases its up to you

Step 1

Begin by tracing and cutting out two hearts on your card stock

Step 2

On the front of one heart, add the stickers to create your own conversation heart

Step 3

Place both hearts on top of each other. Using the 1/8 inch hole punch, begin punching holes along the edge. space them about every centimeter or so. These will be the holes you use to stitch up the Valentine.

Step 4

Once you've punched out the holes al the way around the heart, begin stitching shut with your embroidery floss and needle. Leave about 2 inches not stitched so you can fill with candy.

Step 5

Stitch shut after it is filled with candy. Tie a bow with the extra embroidery floss and trim the excess.

Aren't these adorable?

You can get kids of any age involved in this craft. It's great for fine motor skills!

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